Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Ironman Wales - Training - Weeks 1 to 4 Building A Routine

Week 1 - 4 - Building A Routine 

So the countdown to race day has started and day one has been and gone and I'm now at the end of my first block of 20 weeks training for Ironman Wales 2016. If I'm honest I've really enjoyed getting back into multi-sport, after concentrating on marathons last year its been great to get back in the pool and on the bike, and I'm full of enthusiasm currently so actually doing the sessions hasn't been a chore (I know I'm only 4 weeks in) but when marathon running some/most of the runs were done with the mentality of "Have I really got to do this, for this far".

Back to the training, week 1 was a nice gentle reminder to triathlon training. I missed no sessions and clocked in a 7/7 that week, same for week 2, zero sessions missed, week 3 I missed my 1st session and it was a bike effort and I felt so guilty, but people tell me don't force the training to catch up on what you missed, just put it to bed and move onto the next session. Its also the 1st week with double day sessions.  The mileage and intensity of the sessions has just gone up a notch and I'm really enjoying it.

This is the 1st month that I been able to give the new bike a good workout, with my race wheels too and I love it. I was really lucky to get such a god deal off my Ironmate for his Moda and I just hope it will get me round the IMW course.

As I'm working away from home at the moment I have to plan my sessions down to the details so I know what kit I have to take with me, and trying to find a local pool that is big enough to swim in also helps. I don't have an issue getting up at 5am to go training, as I've never been one for sleep, and I can get home just in time for the family breakfast.

Next months training aim, Get in the sea with some more open water swims and get out on the Ironman Wales bike course.. Even take on Wisemans..

Sessions Hit - 46
Sessions Missed - 3

Swim Distance - 16600 Meters
Bike Distance - 253 Miles
Run Distance - 38 Miles

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