Friday, 11 December 2015

Newton Distance S IV - Review

Distance S IV
Tech Specs
COLOUR - White / Orange/ Yellow / Red
WEIGHT - 204 g
INTENDED TESTING - Free run, sprint session, long runs
SURFACE TESTED - Treadmill, Track & Road

Thank you to the team at Newton for sending me a pair of Newton Distance S to test out and report back on how I got on.

I moved to Newton stability running trainers back in 2012 and haven't looked back, I used to have big problems with my calf muscles but Newtons have really helped with sorting this problem.

I said this in my last review but these trainers are great and they keep getting better, a better fit, better stability feel and they look great, Newton are always bringing out bright coloured trainers so you always get noticed. They are also reflective so its the little things that help you get seen at night when running in the late evenings. They are very quick to dry to so even if you wear them in the rain they will be dry for your next session, which helps as there is nothing worse than running in  wet kit!

I use them on a treadmill also indoors so my feet tend to get hot and with the lightweight material and outer mesh it helps keep your feet cool as it ventilation like system with the fabric on the shoes.

The trainers feel unbelievably light on your feet, and you expect stability shoes to be thick, chunky and even with the added support on the base you don't noticed the weight. They do feel a little funny at first when you put them on and start running in them as it feels like your running with studs on your feet but you soon forget. This extra support helps reduce the impact onto your joints, I suppose every little helps with muscle fatigue.

I plan to use my Newtons for the 2016 race season, which includes 2 marathons and 1 Ironman and I am very confident they help to get me to the finish line. I'll be purchasing a few pairs as I plan ti use them fir my training also. I find it important when you find the right pair of shoes you buy a few so you can keep continuity with your training.

I decided against using the quick fit laces in these as I haven't used them for triathlon yet, but they are light enough for me to use so i don't think I'll require a race shoe.  the tongue in the shoe is thin but it gives you enough padding to wear the shoe sock-less which is great for a quick transition and gives you less irritation in sensitive areas on the top of the foot and less chance of friction to produce sore spots. Its hard enough running never lone running with sore feet!

My feet fitted well in the shoe and it didn't slip or move about in the trainer which means less chance of blisters.

The curve in the sole of the trainer definitely helps keep your running stride fluid and with the footfall I definitely notice it aiding rolling to lift off.  The trainer feels really stable and with the cushioned sole it feels like its got a built in memory foam for your foot as it very comfortable.

If your looking to get fit in the new year or just looking to change your footwear for the new season then look no further than these (If your after a stability shoe, If your not still go to the Newton site and see what else they have to offer)

You can find them on the Newton website HERE so get buying.

Thanks again Steve...

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