Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I'm Done... Am I Ready...?

Well that's it I've done my training train, the past 12 weeks has finished...

Was it hard, was it easy, was it long enough, was it focused in the right areas...?

I ran Brighton Marathon in April, it was my 1st marathon "only" race, (I did Long Course weekend which was the Wales Marathon)  and I learned a lot from the day. The biggest lesson I learned is that it hurt, I wasn't conditioned enough for the race after 14 miles so the last 12 miles hurt... a lot! I could go out an run 8/10/12/14 miles with no issues and often my shortest runs would be in the 8-12 mile space.

I needed to plan my time better, as this was the main reason I didn't get over the 14 mile marker as I had other commitments to the family, work etc, so when I entered my next marathon I knew I had to get the planning sorted.

I did enter the Wales marathon but due to a family emergency 4 weeks out I knew I wouldn't get to the start line, so I took my foot off the gas and eased up on the training, I had to re-plan again and Bournemouth came into the season schedule.

When I raced Bright I followed a 16 week plan, I was coming into this cold so I needed that base training for the 3/4/5/6 milers. When I booked my Bournemouth slot I was already conditioned to do the shorter mileage so the plan went to a 12 week training plan to be honest its worked pretty well. I managed to get the long runs (17/18/21) in this plan and not skipped to many sessions like Brighton. I feel fitter and my knee has held out well just doing the 3 sessions a week.. Only time will tell I suppose...

Wish me luck for Sunday.. and if your racing it Good luck to you, keep an eye out for me in a bright orange top with my name, twitter handle on it marts2smooth and of course the words #BEASTMODE on the other side...

See you soon...

Monday, 14 September 2015

I've Done It..

I've gone an done it... I've entered ironman Wales 2016. It's something I've wanted to do since the 1st year in 2011, and with now the full support of my family I've gone and entered it at 15:04 (entries opened at 15:00 on Monday 14th September).. I was very keen...

Fingers crossed I hit that red carpet next September before mid night.

Roll on the 1st week of May as that's day 1 of the training plan (20 weeks) and it gives me 2 weeks off to rest after racing Brighton Marathon in April. YAY!

I cant wait to start planning my 2016 season and it will all lead to my A race, Ironman Wales... I'll get printing out the year planner and attack it with some highlighters to plot the year. At least I'll have post September 2016 off which I'm sure I'll need!

Now lets get planning!