Thursday, 20 August 2015

Where has 2015 Gone...?

Well where has 2015 gone, the year has gone lightening quick!

I know most of my focus has been on training for marathons this year but I think I'll be happy for the break after Bournemouth marathon. I have pencilled in a off road race but I'll see how it works out in November.

I'm currently in week 7 of 12 for my Bournemouth marathon training plan and I'm feeling fast im progressively putting out 6.30 / 7/ 8 minute mile pace on 8 mile runs which is great. Not sure this will help me on the 26.2 distance but the weekend long runs seem to be getting easier.

I've had to reschedule how I train during the week now as I've changed jobs so a lot of the mid week session are on on new routes or the treadmill which could be worse, but I'm also tried to track my cals in/out which is hard when your eating in restaurants 3/4 nights a week.

I've entered Brighton half again to get a new PB it was a great race, so I wanted to go back and my wife wanted to run the 10 km again. After that its full on tri mode as I take on the 2016 Ironman Wales race...

New bike purchase required... I'll keep you posted!

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