Friday, 28 February 2014

February Training - Keep Building

February has been a great month for me on the training front and the diet from, I've lost 22lbs since eating cleans and getting back into training. I'm still on 3 sessions a week, but trying to get that 4th one in when and where ever possible. My official training plan started this month for my main race of the year, Long Course Weekend (LCW) raced on the Ironman Wales course over 3 days. I must say I'm really looking forward to the race in July, It takes me that step closer to becoming an Ironman.

Session Reviews

04/02/14 - Spin Session

I've been a member of the gym for about 6 months now so I have decided to take up some of the free classes I get with the membership. One of them was intermediate spin so I thought I'd give it a go. Its up to you how hard you work but the instructor does shout at the class a lot to work hard so I do find myself getting a good work out. Its only 55 minutes but I get a cracking sweat on and I do feel it in the legs the following day.

I don't wear the Garmin so I take the stats off the bike, so they could be a little off but I'll track them in Garmin anyway.

Full Session HERE

05/02/14 - Tempo Run

I'm back out running on the road, the weather isn't the best but need to get the miles back in the legs. It felt great to get out there even though my running partner dragged me around. I hope I feel the benefits come March/April.

Full Session HERE

07/02/14 - Swim Session

Great session in the pool today, 2000 meters felt like a breeze. I blocked the session into 200's which was manageable. I did my drills like my coach said, and the option to bilaterally breath is definitely becoming an option which is great for me. I'm clocking in just over 4 minutes for the 200's which is a great start point for me so fingers crossed I can only go quicker.

I'm glad I'm wearing the Garmin because for some reason I cannot count in the pool...

Full Session HERE

10/02/14 - Swim Session

Another 2000 meter session and I felt it in the shoulders today, warm ups of 4 x 200 and then the rest in 100's. I started the session in good form but by the end my stroke was getting tired and I was pushing well past the 2 minute marker for the 100's as I was getting in an extra stroke per length.

Rest day tomorrow!

Full session HERE

12/02/14 - Tempo Run

Started running the same route in my lunch break in the office, I'm still being dragged along by my Ironmate but I'm really enjoying it. Keeps the run hard and true, no slacking off, a quality session. and I'm 3 minutes quicker.

Full session HERE

13/02/13 - Spin Session

Really enjoying getting back into a spinning class, I'm trying my best to smash it in every session as its only 50 minutes so I need to get the 20km in at least. The instructor is a small lady with a very loud voice! She does shout if your not working enough! She tells me to get off the bars on the sprints.. I hate her.. :-)

I don't wear the Garmin for the sessions, I go with what the spin bikes says, some people say the stats are over some say there under, you cant win!

25/02/14 - Swim Session - HERE

27/02/14 - Free Run - HERE

28/02/14 - Free Ride - HERE

29/02/14 - Tempo Run & Swim Session

1st brick of the season over and it hurt, but a good hurt if you know what i mean - HERE & HERE

Month Totals
Swimming 9.50 KM
Cycling 93.00 KM
Running 29.19 km

Total 131.69 KM

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