Monday, 9 December 2013

New Knee New Distances

This week was all about the 1 session, get 6km in the bank and take the rest of the week off to be chuffed about it. Two main things about this session, the first I hit 4000 miles in total training since 2011, Now I know that's not a lot in 2013 but its a milestone I wanted to hit this year so I know I was cutting it fine for 2013 objective. The second was a new distance on my way back to recovery.

03/12/13 - Run Session

It was a few degrees warmer outside, so I decided to wear short, my new Tribesports gear was tested and it felt really comfortable, I'd recommend it to anyone. I'll get some snaps up when I get some time.

Lights on and off I went, I wanted to make this a long run, further than previous runs and enough to reach another boundary in my head I think more than my knee.

I really enjoyed this session, I'm only ticking over at 80% MRH but that's fine, I'm not aiming to go all out, I'm just after a quality session. I knew when I got home I wanted to go further and do the same the following night. I needed to tell myself to calm down and think of the long term view not the early gains. Its a long season 2014 and I don't want to mess it up in off season just to get some more mileage in. I'm still averaging between 5 & 6 minute per KM and since the switch over from Miles I'm still trying to work out if that's close to the 8-9 minute mile marker? Can you help?

Session Details

Not a bad week, 4000 miles and a longest run in 6 months!

Week Details
Duration: 00:34:29
Distance: 6.01KM
Calories: 444

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