Monday, 9 December 2013

New Knee New Distances

This week was all about the 1 session, get 6km in the bank and take the rest of the week off to be chuffed about it. Two main things about this session, the first I hit 4000 miles in total training since 2011, Now I know that's not a lot in 2013 but its a milestone I wanted to hit this year so I know I was cutting it fine for 2013 objective. The second was a new distance on my way back to recovery.

03/12/13 - Run Session

It was a few degrees warmer outside, so I decided to wear short, my new Tribesports gear was tested and it felt really comfortable, I'd recommend it to anyone. I'll get some snaps up when I get some time.

Lights on and off I went, I wanted to make this a long run, further than previous runs and enough to reach another boundary in my head I think more than my knee.

I really enjoyed this session, I'm only ticking over at 80% MRH but that's fine, I'm not aiming to go all out, I'm just after a quality session. I knew when I got home I wanted to go further and do the same the following night. I needed to tell myself to calm down and think of the long term view not the early gains. Its a long season 2014 and I don't want to mess it up in off season just to get some more mileage in. I'm still averaging between 5 & 6 minute per KM and since the switch over from Miles I'm still trying to work out if that's close to the 8-9 minute mile marker? Can you help?

Session Details

Not a bad week, 4000 miles and a longest run in 6 months!

Week Details
Duration: 00:34:29
Distance: 6.01KM
Calories: 444

Monday, 2 December 2013

Still Going Strong...

The week was completed with 2 sessions again, but more importantly they were run sessions. I was so happy to get out there and get a run, after all the things that have happened to my knee in the past 40 weeks I was a great feeling.

It was cold so donned my hat and gloves combo and off out I went for a pitch black run... I like to add I looked like a Christmas tree with all my lights on. No one was going to miss me!

25/11/13 - Run Session

I knew no land speed records were going to be broken today, I just wanted to get out and get home without any tweaks, niggles or pains. It felt great, the cold air in my lungs, the open round in front of me (even though it was pitch black) I had my new running lights on and there was no stopping me. I stopped my mind playing tricks with me as there we no ghosts of zombies changing me I found my rhythm and off I went.

Session Details

28/11/12 - Run Session

Another dark nights run and I really enjoyed it, hat and gloves in tow and off I went. It was only a small 4km 2km out and back. From the start I could feel a little tweak in my knee but it soon went away after finding the rhythm. I get more pain running down hill currently as I'm changing the stride I suppose but my left quad muscle is taking a hammering as I feel I'm compensating my stride and landing more on my good leg as I'm worries about the pain.

Session Details

Its been a while sine I've done 2 runs in a week and I'm feeling pretty positive about the knee operation and the recovery. I'm still icing my knee after every session and keeping the ibuprofen to a minimum. I've been lucky enough to be sent some bars by USN to try out so I'll get trying them and blog about my experience on effectiveness.

Week Details
Duration : 00:46:58
Distance : 4.03km
Calories : 634

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