Monday, 4 November 2013

Operation "Come Back"

I'm nearly there, my knee seems to be coming back to normal well I mean pre op before injury I can't remember what it's like having a normal knee, no niggles, no Sharpe pains, no swelling...

Don't get me wrong I'm far from my A game but I'm constantly improving and I'm ready to commit to training again, only light duties for now but enough to get my HR up and in that fat burning zone.
It's been a massive 27 weeks since I was injured and 17 weeks since my op. I've been giving the all clean from the surgeon last week but the physio doesn't want me running just yet. 

To top it off I've put weight on since my surgery, I've tried my best to calorie manage while I was off my feet but the past 4 weeks since my new daughter was born that "calorie management" has gone out the window. I've put on a staggering 11 lbs in 27 weeks of no training which I'm happy with but also disappointed with. I suppose it will make it fun and give me a target.

I've decided to eat smarter, eat more vegetables and lean meats and drop the easy meals with process foods. I need to be organised with meal times so I'm planning our family dinner times with what's meals we want and make time to prepare the veg/meat so it's full of the right stuff and not the wrong.

I'm also going to commit to training, nothing massive just that little something to keep me interested and not affect the knee to much. I'm still icing my knee (not like a cake) but with ice packs to help reduce the swelling. I've got a new turbo so I'm looking forward to using that and I've managed to find a swim coach to (ironman pro I may add) so I can finally sort out my stroke efficiency and maybe work on bilateral breathing.

Winter seasons is all about the base and sorting out race plans for next season so over the next month I'll be blogging a lot more on training updates and plans for 2014.

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