Monday, 25 November 2013

Official Training Starts Here

It's officially started, I'm back training hard-ish and best of all I'm recording the sessions on my Garmin. I bloody love stats. I only planned to do 3 or possibly 4 sessions but due to a cold and cough I was stuck on 2, but 2 is better than none.

18/11/13 - Turbo Session

This was just a simple session, spin the legs out and finish strong. I decided to put a DVD on to help with the pain, well this was really frustrating as the machine kept on freezing and skipping so I ended up getting off the bike twice so that's the dips in the graphs. It makes me mad when I have to do this as it disrupts the whole session and I need to find the rhythm again.

Session Details

19/11/13 - Turbo Session

Another simple session, but I managed to sort out the DVD player this time so no interruptions and I even had time to laugh on the turbo at the film (Wedding Crashers) so I obviously wasn't working hard enough. I started the session with an easy peddle out for 20 minutes and for the final 20 minutes I mixed it up with some interval stuff in a higher gear with a higher resistance. I was sweating by the end oft the 40 minutes, something I hadn't done for some time. I was loving it!

Session Details

Well the 1st week is over, I hit my objective of 2 sessions this week, don't want to push my body to much just yet, I'll wait for December to finish, t hen step it up. I'm looking to enter my first race of 2014 this week, the LCW (long course Weekend) Ironman distance race over 3 days on teh Ironman Wales course.. I cant wait and its going to give me the drive to keep training and get that step closer to Ironman Wales 2015.

I'm going to keep the blog at a high level until I get some serious training under my belt again.

Week Details
Duration : 01:20:08
Distance : 28.31km
Calories : 660

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  1. My official IM trg started on 4/11 and I'm avoiding the turbo, well done getting on yours, and for so long too. Enjoy training


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