Monday, 18 November 2013

Enjoying Being Back

2 weeks back in training and I feel great... even more importantly my knee feel great! I the last 14 days I've turbo trained 9 sessions and all have been more intense than the last. I've gone from 20 minutes to 45 minutes and gone from a minor/none resistance to the top ring with a cheeky mid resistance.

I'm happy to start recording my training sessions from now on so I've dug out my brand new Garmin 910 XT that I had for my 30th birthday in April and get testing it out. I'm also going to invest in trainer road software to see what kind of wattage / power I'm pushing on the bike. It looks like something good to invest my money in as I love stats.

Other Good / Bad news is that Ironman Wales has now been fully booked up so there are no spaces left for me to enter. Its good news that I wont over train and feel that "inch" to enter and cut corners with my training, but bad news as I have to wait till 2015 definitely now! Looks like another event with the Compressport team in Tenby.

Keep an eye out for my sessions this week.

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