Thursday, 11 July 2013

New Danone Danio Yogurt - Review

I've been lucky enough to be sent some lovely new thick yogurts from Danone to test out and report back. I do eat a lot of yogurts, everything from the very healthy ones to assist with a calories controlled diets to calorific ones for a special treat. I tend to buy certain yogurts and everything comes down to taste but I'm always ready to give all foods a try.

I tested all the 6 flavors available in my local supermarket, these included cherry, strawberry, blueberry, peach, raspberry and passion fruit. My favorite had to be cherry, it tasted great and as all the yogurts have no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives it actually tasted like really cherries.

The yogurts are like your normal thin flavored yogurts, the Danio pots are full of thick 100% natural yogurt on the top and the fruit at the bottom. I liked mixing the fruit up with the yogurt and making a mess so you have a lovely taste of the yogurt and the fruit all in one hit.

I wasn't to keen on the passion fruit flavored yogurt only because the seeds of the fruit were still in the fruit layer which put me off. Apart from that all the others were lovely.

I also tried the yogurts with granola and muesli and it when down great, as s substitute for milk. I also decided to freeze some in some molds and used them as a replacement for ice cream which was a brilliant idea as when everyone else was eat calorific ice cream, my intake was only 125 calories. These yogurts are fat free too!

These yogurts are great for people on calorie controlled diets and even if your not as they are sweet enough to fulfill your pudding and sweet craving and aren't loaded with calories. They also contain a massive 12 grams of protein so those looking for the additional proteins in your diet this is another good reason to give these yogurts a try.

They are definitely on my shopping list going forward...

Thanks Danone!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Injury Update

As I thought my half ironman plans for 2013 are over...

I've had my MRI results and its a cross between good and bad news, as I haven't torn my meniscus, but I've got some cartilage damage and I've got a 9mm piece of bone loose and floating around in my knee joint. This 9mm piece of bone is catching my knee joint and its locking the knee in place. I'm also getting more pain now even though I'm not training which is bizarre.

Its been 11 weeks since I put a good training session in and I'm starting to get hungry again for training, which I was starting to loose after the house move.

I've got my operation planned in for the middle of August and worst case it could be 6 weeks with light weight barring for me and best case I'll be back driving within 7 days after the operation.

I'm tracking my current calorie intake so I don't gain weight while I'm not training, so I've gone on USN diet fuel which tastes great.

I'll report back soon which some more plans after my operation...

Wish me luck!

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