Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Compressport Triatlon Top & Shorts Review

Once again the nice people at Compressport UK have sent me some more kit to test out and on first looks the kit looks amazing. I couldn't wait to test it out even though the weather has been so poor in the UK.

As a triathlete I was really looking forward to using the first compression specific triathlon race kit on the market and as the previous product released by Compressport this had high standards to reach. I'm happy to say its another amazing piece of kit released by them.

Triathlon Shorts

Just like bib shorts, bit so much better than bib shorts..

I currently use the quad compression supplied by CS and I can only say how good they are and when I found out that same technology was going to be used in there shorts I couldn't wait to test them. I've used the shorts on the bike on the turbo most of the winter and they are unbelievably comfortable. There isn't to much padding on the rear of the shorts so there is no uncomfortable rubbing and the material used takes away and sweet/moisture that your lose so the damp uncomfortable feeling doesn't happen like my other bib shorts. The external of the shorts has a great idea for additional grip on the saddle, the crutch area has a silicone area which gives you that extra stability in the saddle.

The shorts are a great fit (measurement on the Compressport Site) and they do not slip down at the waste or roll up on the leg thanks to the smooth silicone placement in these areas. They are not to tight and you tend to forget they are compression. They are extremely quick drying so you never feel uncomfortable in them.

A nice touch is a the pocket on the front of the shorts, its not a massive pocket so you wont be packing a 3 course meal in there but its enough to hold onto important items.

Triathlon Top

Now this is a sexy looking piece of kit..

I have been using this top as a base layer for runs outside and as a single layer for the turbo sessions and treadmill runs. I was even lucky enough to wear it outside in the sun last weekend. This is the first piece of clothing for racing in by Compressport and its definitely going to break into the market. It is figure hugging but are all triathlon suits. The top has a light compression woven into it, so this makes the wearer improve posture and shoulder alignment which will decrease fatigue and help you to recover quicker.

The stitching on the top is excellent there are no uncomfortable areas in the top, in particular the arm pits and neck area. The material is also quick drying so sweat does not effect your comfort. The shirt will also dry quickly after swimming in your wetsuit. It also has cover for your shoulders, not a lot of tri suits go over the should due to the fact they would restrict your swim stroke. I can confirm this is not the case with this top, it did not effect my swimming technique in my suit and you don't need to be wary about this when choosing this top. It also give you that extra protection from the sun (What Sun..) on race day so you save yourself getting burnt.

There are also silicon areas around the arms and base of the shirt so the shirt will stay in place while racing so comfort is kept while wearing the kit. It is also unbelievably light for a top (0.9 grams) to be precise.

The top has 2 pockets at the rear, they are ideal for your gels, they are easy to fit in and even easier to remove on the go. Don't worry about them falling out, the clever design has put the pockets on a slight angle so there is less of a change loosing those important race gels.

The top and shorts are made with an antibacterial material so your kit will stay fresh and smelling great as there is nothing worse than racing in smelly kit. You can wash it in the machine at 30'c too so its easy to look after.

If your after a new triathlon racing suit for the season then look no further as this is the best on the market in my opinion.

The race top is available in two colors black or white and is available to buy from HERE

Thanks again Tim


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