Monday, 29 April 2013

Week 17 - Return of the Training

22/04/13 - Swim Session

Back to Day 1 again with the 16 week training plan. The plan starts with a simple swim and I was lucky enough to have the pool to myself. A new pool for my training to since we have moved house, and its brand new too!

4 x 100 wu
2 x (16 x 25s)
Sprint every 4th
2 x 100 wd

I took it slow and steady, didn't smash the session out and keep it the same stroke speed throughout the session.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:00
Distance 1400 meters

23/04/13 - Turbo Session

Simple spin on the bike, get the legs working and awake. I put the bike on a low to middle resistance and peddled for 45 minutes with the company of the British & Irish Lions tour 2005.

I did this session without the Garmin, so flying solo.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:00
Distance 9 Miles

24/04/13 - Rest Day

25/04/13 - Turbo Session

Same session as Tuesday and continued coverage of the Lions 2005 tour.

I do miss my Garmin stats but guess what...

I've only gone and got a new Garmin for my Birthday 910XT Happy 30th to me!

Session Details
Duration 00:45:00
Distance 9 Miles

26/04/13 - Swim Session

I've got a day off so what do I do.. Get up early and hit the pool!

Easy 40 x 25 m

27/04/13 - Free Run

First shorts run of the year, and my first run from our new house. I said last years training that when I move house I was going to live on a flat, well its sort of there is a cheeky hill about a mile from home but I'm happy to take that on.

Session Details
Duration 00:40:00
Distance 5 Miles

28/04/13 - Rest Day

Week 17 Totals
Swimming - 2400 Meters
Cycling - 18 Miles
Running - 5 Miles

Monday, 15 April 2013

Week 14, 15 & 16 - Nothing

After moving in, and being ill and just loosing all my training mojo I haven't trained for 3 weeks, I'm 8 weeks into my half Ironman training plan and I feel really down hearts and lacking in motivation to train.

This has put a big spanner in the works for my main race this season the Cotswolds113, it was my A race last year and I've got a time to beat but I am really struggling to just get up early or get home late from work to go and train.

Whats wrong with me..

Monday, 1 April 2013

Week 13 - Its Here.. Moving Times

No training planned this week as we are trying to move into our new house.

I am a tad frustrated though as I've build my body up to handle the routine of training again, its going to be  a shame to not get any training in but I'd rather be moving house!

Fingers crossed I'll get some training in next week

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