Friday, 15 March 2013

Week 10 - Building & Cake

04/03/13 - Swim Session

This is the furthest I have swam to date on this plan, still not enough time in the evenings to swim the hole warm down as the pool closes at 10pm and I can only get in for 9pm. I need reduce the rest phases which I am and swim faster in the sets, which I am trying to do.

It was great to have an empty pool apart from kids that were heavy petting or at least trying to in the corner of the shallow end, out my way.

Session Details
Duration 00:55:00
Distance 2300 meters
Average Stroke 12

05/03/13 - No Training as it was my wife's birthday and she had my full attention all day, what a nice guy I am. Well she is only 30 once...

06/03/13 - Turbo Session

This session was powered by birthday cakes, and what a nice birthday cake it was. I'm now moving into he power interval sessions, high resistance the maximum with a cadence of 60 RPM

Warm up 20 mins
3 x Power Intervals
3mins on / 2 mins off
Warm down 10 mins

Session Details
Duration 00:45:01
Distance 8.15 Miles
Average Cadence 71
Max Cadence 80

07/03/13 - No Training - No excuse just didn't get the time after working late and to top is off I had fish and chips! Bad Day in the office!

08/03/13 - Swim Session

A different pool and better results, I'm getting quicker but I don't see or feel my stroke is changing, if anything its getting worse! Wobble arms and crossing..

I'm taking shorter recovery breaks to fit the session in, and as I was late getting into the pool tonight I had to swim hard. I've knocked off 3 seconds off the sprints and about 4 seconds off the interval set. The all out 200's are still in the same 4 minutes or so according to my pool mate.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:00
Distance 2000 meters
Average Stroke 12

09/03/13 - Free Run

Its bloody freezing out and it feels like i'm running in Siberia (not that's I've been there but I'm guessing its cold). I was nicely wrapped up in my Gore heat gear, so I had to excuse to complain I was cold and I could focus on the run. It was meant to be a relatively flat session but there were a few cheeky hills but nothing to over powering.

It was a perfect run as I needed to be out for 50 minutes and I needed to get back as I've got a 4th birthday party to attend. I'm now and loose for the bouncy castle!

Session Details
Duration 00:53:41
Distance 6.25 Miles
Calories 896
Average HR 160 BPM
Max HR 173 BPM
Average Pace 8.35
Best Pace 6.01

10/03/13 - Missed Session - After a long mothers day training just wasn't going to happen today which is a shame as I missed 3 sessions this week.

Week 10 Totals
Swimming - 4300 Meters
Cycling - 8.15 Miles
Running - 6.25 Miles


  1. Be careful with trimming your recovery time on the swim sets, it might have a detrimental effect on your technique

  2. that's a good week of training even with missed sessions. did you make the cake, it looks awesome


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