Monday, 25 February 2013

Week 7 & Week 8 - Shingles

The last 2 weeks I was quite ill and I've found out its singles...

Stay away I should be back soon as my half Ironman plan starts the last week of February.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Week 6 - Aaaaachooooo! Bless You

04/02/13 - Rest Day

05/02/13 - Rest Day

06/02/13 - Rest Day

07/02/13 - Swim Session

After a great week training last week, I've only gone and got myself a cold. Not what I wanted by any means.

As last session was so much fun, I decided to do it again.

40 x 50 mFirst 6 Warm UpLast 6 Warm DownKeep the rest the same speed and stroke.

My stroke was just as bad, and I hurt just a little bit more. I was about 6 minutes quicker to but that's because I had less breaks after the 50's. Cheating I know!

Session Details
Duration 00:45:00
Distance 2000 meters
Average Stroke 15

08/02/13 - Rest Day

09/02/13 - Turbo Session

Back on the bike and another interval session, sticking with what I know and doing the simple 45 minute session, warm up, session of 1 min on, 1 min off and warm down.

Its get to get the legs spinning and its helped clear my blocked nose too, slightly worried though as my heart rate is a little higher than the norm.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:03
Distance 9.16 Miles
Calories 487
Average Cadence 79 RPM
Max Cadence 93 RPM

10/02/13 - Turbo Session

Interval session again, feeling a tad ropy from the man flu, so taking it easy on the max efforts unlike yesterday, but somehow I've gone further than ever.

Looking forward to my well earned rest day, and fingers crossed it will get rid of the man flu I've managed to pick up.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:01
Distance 9.62 Miles
Calories 534
Average Cadence 82 RPM
Max Cadence 101 RPM

Week 6 Totals
Swimming - 2000 Meters
Cycling - 19.14 Miles
Running - 0 Miles

Monday, 4 February 2013

Week 5 - Hungry Week

28/01/13 - Rest Day

29/01/13 - Rest Day

30/01/13 - Turbo Session

After last weeks hard session it feels like my metabolism has kicked into over drive, I've been really hungry and I seem to be wanting to eat everything. Just need to make sure its all the right stuff.

Today's turbo session was another interval one, I'm really enjoying them and it seems to be making the session go a lot quicker and its definitely a lot sweatier too!

I can really start to feel the difference in my legs in these session, and I've cranked up the resistance on the turbo trainer and I can start to see definition of muscle groups in my legs, I feel lighter on my legs which is great so there is less fatigue which is also good as my Ironman training plan is coming up in a few weeks.

A simple turbo session of 45 minutes, which includes a warm up, warm down and a 1 minute on/off session.

I'm tempted to investigate my wattage to see where I can gain improvements as its all about the bike in the races, its the disciplined I need to work on and get my times down. In fact I need to work on all areas to keep my times down!

I managed to get up to 27 MPH on the turbo in the high gears, head down and grind it out. My average sped for the session was only 12 MPH so I obviously was taking it very easy in the recoveries.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:03
Distance 9.16 Miles
Calories 487
Average Cadence 79 RPM
Max Cadence 93 RPM

31/01/13 - Swim Session

I've done it, the 1st swim of the new season, it was a great feeling to get back in the pool. I flicked through my training plan book and found a random session it was:

40 x 50 m
First 6 Warm Up
Last 6 Warm Down
Keep the rest the same speed and stroke.

Not an easy one to start, but a simple one.

Session Details
Duration 00:50:00
Distance 2000 meters
Average Stroke 16

01/02/13 - Free Run

This was a holiday run, we have gone down to see friends in Exeter so it would be rude not to take my running stuff and squeeze a run in.

Only a quick 5 miles before dinner, I kind of knew where I was going, but I ended up running through a path of mud and my white Newtons now look some sort of brown ones. They definitely needs some TLC to sort them out.

I felt a sprint in my step and maintained a under 8 minute mile pace, its a very hilly route, and I thought Wales was bad for hills.

Session Details
Duration 00:40:13
Distance 5 Miles
Calories 711
Average HR 166 BPM
Max HR 175 BPM
Average Pace 7.58
Best Pace 4.51

02/02/13 - Rest Day

03/02/13 - Rest Day

Week 5 Totals
Swimming - 2000 Meters
Cycling - 9.16 Miles
Running - 5 Miles


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