Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 3 - Back To It.. Low Calorie Style

14/01/13 - Rest Day

15/01/13 - Rest Day

16/01/13 - Turbo Session

After a week off from being ill, I was keen to get back to it.

Still not feeling 100% but I needed to get back on the horse, and the horse on this occasion was the turbo trainer.

I needed to do something, so 30 minutes was a easy target to hit, just sit on the bike and peddle and try and keep it consistent for the whole session. My aim was to keep the bike to a cadence of 80 RPM and I wasn't to far off.

Session Details
Duration 00:30:01
Distance 6.92 Miles
Calories 381
Average Cadence 80 RPM
Max Cadence 91 RPM

17/01/13 - Free Run

I've changed my diet from the Christmas indulgent so I am a bit sluggish as its been a dramatic calorie decrease. This has effected my energy levels and I proper "BONGKED" on this run.

I flew out the blocks and it felt great, it was cold so I needed to get a wriggle on so I would stay warm, but by the time I hit the half way point I was warm, but very low on the energy levels. The change on diet had hit me and the minimal lunch has been found out on this run. I need to take on more calorie if I'm training in the evenings. Even though my batteries were running low I still managed an average of 8 minute mile pace.

Session Details
Duration 00:30:02
Distance 3.71 Miles
Calories 525
Average HR 162 BPM
Max HR 174 BPM
Average Pace 8.02
Best Pace 4.59

18/01/13 - Rest Day

19/01/13 - Free Run

The long run is back, and I've missed it!

I was going to take this one slow, build the strength in the legs and lungs and build no for my next run. Its been a bit snowy outside so it was a great run for cracking views of a white coastline. I was also lucky enough to see the early season lambs.

It was an early start so the road was all mine, so no competition with cars or trackers so I can get a fluid and smooth running posture and rhythm which is what I needed.

I was surprised I managed to get the 10 miles in 90 minutes, I was expecting a 10 minute mile pace at best, but I averaged out at a 09:01 which considering I haven't run this route for a good while I was pleasantly surprised.

I'll do this run next week to see where/if any improvements.

Session Details
Duration 01:30:46
Distance 10.04 Miles
Calories 1421
Average HR 158 BPM
Max HR 174 BPM
Average Pace 9.01
Best Pace 4.51

20/01/13 - Rest Day

Week 3 Totals
Swimming - 0 Meters
Cycling - 6.92 Miles
Running - 13.75 Miles

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