Monday, 28 January 2013

Week 4 - Love The Turbo

21/01/13 - Rest Day

22/01/13 - Turbo Intervals

Starting to appreciate the bike again, the turbo trainer seems to giving my legs some more depth and I've definitely noticed some muscle change. I'm really enjoying it too so its definitely helping!

Simple interval session, which I will be completing over February so I thought I'd give it a try tonight and see what my progress is made by the end of the month.

15 minutes warm up
15 minutes (1min @ 100 Cadence, 1 min @ 80 Recovery Cadence)
15 minutes warm down

I may look to make the interval session to 30 minutes the better my bike fitness gets.

Great to see the peaks, I am only on level 1 on the resistance on the turbo trainer but its a start in the right direction. I managed to get the 100 RPM cadence on most intervals and keep it there (or around 97 - 105)

On another plus side I was dripping in sweat so I know I must of worked hard...

Session Details
Duration 00:45:21
Distance 9.51 Miles
Calories 514
Average Cadence 80 RPM
Max Cadence 105 RPM

23/01/13 - Rest Day

24/01/13 - Turbo Intervals

Same set as above but I went further, only 0.15 miles, so nothing to boast about, I did have a rest day yesterday so maybe I feel fresher for the session.

My heart rate was up 3 beat per minute but my max was still at 171 BPM.

Session Details
Duration 00:45:01
Distance 9.65 Miles
Calories 534
Average Cadence 82 RPM
Max Cadence 104 RPM

25/01/13 - Rest Day

26/01/13 - Turbo Intervals

After 2 x 45 minute sessions, I decided to make a massive leap and complete a 60 minute session. With a 15 minute warm up and warm down and a 30 minutes 1 minute on 1 minute off style session.

It hurt, and I've got a long run tomorrow!

27/01/13 - Free Run

After last nights turbo I was conscious that my legs may be a bit tired, I did this run last week and I treated last weeks as slow and steady, so I wanted to do something similar this week but I wanted to make sure I kept the same place region all the way throughout the session.

I felt great and plenty left in the legs, I averaged out at a 8:20 minute mile pace, and ended up doing the same run 7 minutes quicker. I didn't go eye balls out, I kept plenty in the tank and the cheeky head wind all the way home made the slow incline at mile 7 quick hard.

It was nice to be running in something other than rain too!

Session Details
Duration 01:23:58
Distance 10.02 Miles
Calories 1423
Average HR 154 BPM
Max HR 177 BPM
Average Pace 8.20
Best Pace 4.33

Week 4 Totals
Swimming - 0 Meters
Cycling - 32.96 Miles
Running - 10.02 Miles

Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 3 - Back To It.. Low Calorie Style

14/01/13 - Rest Day

15/01/13 - Rest Day

16/01/13 - Turbo Session

After a week off from being ill, I was keen to get back to it.

Still not feeling 100% but I needed to get back on the horse, and the horse on this occasion was the turbo trainer.

I needed to do something, so 30 minutes was a easy target to hit, just sit on the bike and peddle and try and keep it consistent for the whole session. My aim was to keep the bike to a cadence of 80 RPM and I wasn't to far off.

Session Details
Duration 00:30:01
Distance 6.92 Miles
Calories 381
Average Cadence 80 RPM
Max Cadence 91 RPM

17/01/13 - Free Run

I've changed my diet from the Christmas indulgent so I am a bit sluggish as its been a dramatic calorie decrease. This has effected my energy levels and I proper "BONGKED" on this run.

I flew out the blocks and it felt great, it was cold so I needed to get a wriggle on so I would stay warm, but by the time I hit the half way point I was warm, but very low on the energy levels. The change on diet had hit me and the minimal lunch has been found out on this run. I need to take on more calorie if I'm training in the evenings. Even though my batteries were running low I still managed an average of 8 minute mile pace.

Session Details
Duration 00:30:02
Distance 3.71 Miles
Calories 525
Average HR 162 BPM
Max HR 174 BPM
Average Pace 8.02
Best Pace 4.59

18/01/13 - Rest Day

19/01/13 - Free Run

The long run is back, and I've missed it!

I was going to take this one slow, build the strength in the legs and lungs and build no for my next run. Its been a bit snowy outside so it was a great run for cracking views of a white coastline. I was also lucky enough to see the early season lambs.

It was an early start so the road was all mine, so no competition with cars or trackers so I can get a fluid and smooth running posture and rhythm which is what I needed.

I was surprised I managed to get the 10 miles in 90 minutes, I was expecting a 10 minute mile pace at best, but I averaged out at a 09:01 which considering I haven't run this route for a good while I was pleasantly surprised.

I'll do this run next week to see where/if any improvements.

Session Details
Duration 01:30:46
Distance 10.04 Miles
Calories 1421
Average HR 158 BPM
Max HR 174 BPM
Average Pace 9.01
Best Pace 4.51

20/01/13 - Rest Day

Week 3 Totals
Swimming - 0 Meters
Cycling - 6.92 Miles
Running - 13.75 Miles

Monday, 14 January 2013

Week 2 - First Illness of 2013

07/01/13 - Illness

08/01/13 - Illness

09/01/13 - Illness

10/01/13 - Illness

11/01/13 - Illness

12/01/13 - Illness

13/01/13 - Illness

Week 2 Totals
Swimming - 0 Meters
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 0 Miles

Monday, 7 January 2013

Week 52 / Week 1 - A New Year A New Focus

31/01/12 - Rest Day

01/01/13 - Rest Day

02/01/13 - Free Run

First run of 2013, and it felt great, not to chilly but enough to keep you warm and working hard a keep focus on your running and not focused on keeping warm.

I took an extra half a mile on the route, I still took a wrong turning as it was meant to be an extra 1.5 miles, but I'll save that for next time.

It was a slow time for this one, but there was some tiredness in my legs and I wanted to do a sprint session later in the week so I eased off the speed and kept it below 9 minute mile pace.

I felt strong when I finished the first session of 2013, I knew I had more in the legs and could have done it the whole run again if I had too... Honest!

Session Details
Duration 01:23.39
Distance 9.50 Miles
Calories 1351
Average HR 154 BPM
Max HR 175 BPM
Average Pace 8.46
Best Pace 5.27

03/01/13 - Rest Day

04/01/13 - Sprint Session

I enjoyed this session last week so I thought I'd repeat it, some distances same times, and compare it to this one. I'm glad to say I have improved slightly but that could be down to anything from diet, sleep, training so I'm happy just to get another quality session under my belt.

04/01/13 Laps

28/12/12 Laps

I was a total of 16 seconds quicker on the sprint/recovery session, which is nothing. A solid session that i'm definitely going to introduce in 2013 more often.

I still got random looks from passing cars like the previous session. I did have a more lights on my arms this time so perhaps they thought it was a running Christmas tree.

I have definitely got more focus for my aims for the 2013 season, I just need to make sure I put them into practice so I can meet my objective of Ironman Wales.

Back to Wales on Sunday...

Session Details
Duration 00:30:56
Calories 504
Average HR 152 BPM
Max HR 180 BPM

05/01/13 - Rest Day

06/01/13 - Rest Day

Week 52/1 Totals
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 13.16  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

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