Monday, 17 December 2012

Week 49 - Reverse?

10/12/12 - Rest Day

11/12/12 - Rest Day

12/12/12 - Rest Day

13/12/12 - Rest Day

14/12/12 - Free Run

I couldn't find my bloody heart rate monitor belt, so I was doing this run on a "feeling" and it went pretty well as it was at 8pm and hammering it down outside. It was the first session of the week so I just had to make some effort and get out there.

Session Details
Duration 00:38:25
Distance 5.00 Miles
Calories 713

15/12/12 - Turbo Session

Still no heart rate monitor, I still have keep looking for that. This session was a 40 minute high cadence session and I wanted to keep it above 80 RPM for the whole session. Thankfully I managed to get an early session as it was Chinese for dinner. I needed to burn some calories if I was going to indulge tonight.

Session Details
Duration 00:40:01
Distance 11.51 Miles
Calories 695
Average Cadence 84 RPM
Max Cadence 100 RPM

16/12/12 - Rest Day

Week 49 Totals
Cycling - 11.51 Miles
Running - 5.00  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

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