Monday, 10 December 2012

Week 48 - Back Into It.. Slowly

03/12/12 - Rest Day

04/12/12 - Turbo Session

A very simple session today as I wanted to get something in the training and enough to wet my appetite, I'm afraid it didn't but 30 minutes is still 30 minutes. I think I need to start using music to get me pumped for these session as it worked when I was doing 4 hour spin sessions when training for the half Ironman. The cadence chart wasn't very flat but averaged out for 80 RPM, and I know the session was only 30 minutes.

Session Details
Duration 00 33 01
Distance 8.63 Miles
Calories 515
Average Cadence 80 RPM
Max Cadence 92 RPM

05/12/12 - Rest Day

06/12/12 - Turbo Session

Well, I've managed 10 minutes more in the garage on the turbo trainer and I seem to be enjoying the turbo. I forgot the ipod so I still was watching old DVDs that weren't really distracting me from the sweating and muscles tightening from lack training going on at the moment.

The first 20 minutes I took it easy, I don't know why I saved my self for a more tempo session on the second 20 minutes. I worked that hard my heart rate peaked at 151 BPM.

Session Details
Duration 00 40 03
Distance 10.35
Calories 607

07/12/12 - Free Run

I really enjoy doing this route, its located by my old office so I rarely get a chance to get down there an get a 5 miler in so when I do get the chance I try and PB it whenever possible.

Session Details
Duration 00:38:18
Distance 5.01 Miles
Calories 715
Average HR 166PBM
Max HR 181 PBM
Average Pace 7.37
Best Pace 4.48

08/12/12 - Rest Day

09/12/12 - Free Run

A much needed de-stress run after work. A simple but cold 5 mile run on the local roads.

Session Details
Duration 00:39:35
Distance 5.00 Miles
Calories 712

Week 48 Totals
Cycling - 18.98 Miles
Running - 10.01 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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