Monday, 3 December 2012

Week 47 - Please Come Back

26/11/12 - Rest Day

27/11/12 - Rest Day 

28/11/12 - Rest Day

29/11/12 - Rest Day

30/11/12 - Rest Day 

01/12/12 - Rest Day

02/12/12 - Free Run

After a well earned rest and recovery from being ill, I wasn't hungry for training, but I knew I had to get out there so I got my waterproofs on an off I went.

After the first mile, I thought "I'm not really enjoying this" but I had to man up from the wind, rain and cold and get another 4 miles under my belt.

The first 3 miles is completed in the pitch black on a limited access road so its a tad bit scary when its just you, the head torch and the road. I forgot my iPod so I ended up jumping or gasping at every little bark, toot or rustle in the hedges. I suppose it made me run quicker.

After completing the first lap I though to myself I've still got a bit left in the tank here and lets bang out 2 more miles for the 5 mile marker. I kicked on and I was really surprised that I had completed a PB for the route and a decent time for 5 miles.

So, even thought I didn't really feel like running, and I had no drive to go out I did it, and managed a decent time. Do I want to go out running tomorrow?

No... Not really... I need my hunger for training to come back!

Session Details
Duration 38.21
Distance 5.02
Calories 717
Max HR 184 BPM
Average HR 138 BPM
Best Pace 5.00
Average Pace 7.39

Week 47 Totals
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 5.02  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

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  1. That's a tidy pace, especially as you're coming back from being ill


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