Monday, 31 December 2012

Week 51 - Running Is Back On

24/12/12 - Free Run

I managed to get my final pre Christmas day run in.

Session Details
Duration 00:48:17
Distance 6.30 Miles
Calories 901
Average HR 163 BPM
Max HR 179 BPM
Average Pace 7.36
Best Pace 4.22

25/12/12 - Rest Day

26/12/12 - Free Run

A day to burn off yesterdays indulgence!

Session Details
Duration 01:15:15
Distance 9.00 Miles
Calories 1285
Average HR 158 BPM
Max HR 172 BPM
Average Pace 8.19
Best Pace 4.04

27/12/12 - Rest Day

28/12/12 - Sprint Session

Its been a while since a sprint session was completed, I do enjoy them, they are short, sharp and over quickly.. a bit more pain in the lungs but over quicker.

You also get some random looks off people driving past.

1 = Sprint 
2 = Recover
and so on...

8 sets of flat out and recovery, Recover had to be under 3 minutes maximum.

Session Details
Duration 00:33:11
Calories 458
Average HR 157 BPM
Max HR 183 BPM

29/12/12 - Rest Day

30/12/12 - Free Run

Last run of 2012, make it count and what a year for me, I am a half Ironman.

But not today's run.. only 6 miles

Session Details
Duration 00:51:26
Distance 6.28 Miles
Calories 899
Average HR 157 BPM
Max HR 176 BPM
Average Pace 8.09
Best Pace 4.21

Week 51 Totals
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 25.25  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

Monday, 24 December 2012

Week 50 - Toothache Stops Play

17/12/12 - Rest Day

18/12/12 - Rest Day

19/12/12 - Turbo Session

I found it, I'm back with some more graphs, I found my heart rate monitor chest strap. After a lengthily visit to the dentist on Monday, the pain has dulled down and I thought I'd give the turbo a go.

Session Details
Duration 00:40:02
Distance 10.75 Miles
Calories 638
Average Cadence 91 RPM
Max Cadence 106 RPM

20/12/12 - Free Run

This is probably my last run until after Christmas.

Session Details
Duration 00:39:59
Distance 5.19 Miles
Calories 739
Average HR 156 BPM
Max HR 168 BPM
Average Pace 7.40
Best Pace 5.45

21/12/12 - Rest Day

22/12/12 - Rest Day

23/12/12 - Rest Day

Week 50 Totals
Cycling - 10.75 Miles
Running - 5.19  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

Monday, 17 December 2012

Week 49 - Reverse?

10/12/12 - Rest Day

11/12/12 - Rest Day

12/12/12 - Rest Day

13/12/12 - Rest Day

14/12/12 - Free Run

I couldn't find my bloody heart rate monitor belt, so I was doing this run on a "feeling" and it went pretty well as it was at 8pm and hammering it down outside. It was the first session of the week so I just had to make some effort and get out there.

Session Details
Duration 00:38:25
Distance 5.00 Miles
Calories 713

15/12/12 - Turbo Session

Still no heart rate monitor, I still have keep looking for that. This session was a 40 minute high cadence session and I wanted to keep it above 80 RPM for the whole session. Thankfully I managed to get an early session as it was Chinese for dinner. I needed to burn some calories if I was going to indulge tonight.

Session Details
Duration 00:40:01
Distance 11.51 Miles
Calories 695
Average Cadence 84 RPM
Max Cadence 100 RPM

16/12/12 - Rest Day

Week 49 Totals
Cycling - 11.51 Miles
Running - 5.00  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

Monday, 10 December 2012

Week 48 - Back Into It.. Slowly

03/12/12 - Rest Day

04/12/12 - Turbo Session

A very simple session today as I wanted to get something in the training and enough to wet my appetite, I'm afraid it didn't but 30 minutes is still 30 minutes. I think I need to start using music to get me pumped for these session as it worked when I was doing 4 hour spin sessions when training for the half Ironman. The cadence chart wasn't very flat but averaged out for 80 RPM, and I know the session was only 30 minutes.

Session Details
Duration 00 33 01
Distance 8.63 Miles
Calories 515
Average Cadence 80 RPM
Max Cadence 92 RPM

05/12/12 - Rest Day

06/12/12 - Turbo Session

Well, I've managed 10 minutes more in the garage on the turbo trainer and I seem to be enjoying the turbo. I forgot the ipod so I still was watching old DVDs that weren't really distracting me from the sweating and muscles tightening from lack training going on at the moment.

The first 20 minutes I took it easy, I don't know why I saved my self for a more tempo session on the second 20 minutes. I worked that hard my heart rate peaked at 151 BPM.

Session Details
Duration 00 40 03
Distance 10.35
Calories 607

07/12/12 - Free Run

I really enjoy doing this route, its located by my old office so I rarely get a chance to get down there an get a 5 miler in so when I do get the chance I try and PB it whenever possible.

Session Details
Duration 00:38:18
Distance 5.01 Miles
Calories 715
Average HR 166PBM
Max HR 181 PBM
Average Pace 7.37
Best Pace 4.48

08/12/12 - Rest Day

09/12/12 - Free Run

A much needed de-stress run after work. A simple but cold 5 mile run on the local roads.

Session Details
Duration 00:39:35
Distance 5.00 Miles
Calories 712

Week 48 Totals
Cycling - 18.98 Miles
Running - 10.01 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

Monday, 3 December 2012

Week 47 - Please Come Back

26/11/12 - Rest Day

27/11/12 - Rest Day 

28/11/12 - Rest Day

29/11/12 - Rest Day

30/11/12 - Rest Day 

01/12/12 - Rest Day

02/12/12 - Free Run

After a well earned rest and recovery from being ill, I wasn't hungry for training, but I knew I had to get out there so I got my waterproofs on an off I went.

After the first mile, I thought "I'm not really enjoying this" but I had to man up from the wind, rain and cold and get another 4 miles under my belt.

The first 3 miles is completed in the pitch black on a limited access road so its a tad bit scary when its just you, the head torch and the road. I forgot my iPod so I ended up jumping or gasping at every little bark, toot or rustle in the hedges. I suppose it made me run quicker.

After completing the first lap I though to myself I've still got a bit left in the tank here and lets bang out 2 more miles for the 5 mile marker. I kicked on and I was really surprised that I had completed a PB for the route and a decent time for 5 miles.

So, even thought I didn't really feel like running, and I had no drive to go out I did it, and managed a decent time. Do I want to go out running tomorrow?

No... Not really... I need my hunger for training to come back!

Session Details
Duration 38.21
Distance 5.02
Calories 717
Max HR 184 BPM
Average HR 138 BPM
Best Pace 5.00
Average Pace 7.39

Week 47 Totals
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 5.02  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

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