Monday, 26 November 2012

Week 46 - Still Not Right

19/11/12 - Turbo Session

After the rest day yesterday I was keen to get the legs spinning again, it was a tough race on Saturday as it was so wet under foot so it was nice.. well kind of nice to be training inside on the turbo.

I wanted to get into the training zone and just stay on that thresh hold as I race on Saturday so I don't want to work to hard, give my legs a chance to recover.

I got into Zone 3 relatively quickly and by the end of the session I was in Zone 4, if I went for longer I think i would have hit zone 5 just like my run on Saturday so I'm glad I got off when I did.

Work rate on the cadence front was relatively low, a simple session to spin out the legs and flush out any lactic left from the weekend.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 01
Distance 11.30 Miles
Calories 658

20/11/12 - Rest Day

21/11/12 - Turbo Session

Not feeling to sharp today, and this session was a sluggish one. All I could manage was 30 minutes, until I felt unwell. Just a simple 30 minute free ride on the turbo.

I got off after 30 minutes and decided to have a longer break from training, I need it t get my head back on for the new 2013 season.

Session Details
Duration 00 30 00
Distance 6.47 Miles
Calories 338

22/11/12 - Rest Day

23/11/12 - Rest Day

24/11/12 - Rest Day

25/11/12 - Rest Day

Week 46 Totals
Cycling - 17.76 Miles
Running - 0  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters  

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