Monday, 5 November 2012

Week 43 - New Plans (#Turbovember)

29/10/12 - Rest Day

30/10/12 - Turbo Session

Final turbo session before #Turbovember kicks off, and it was hard work to get out on the bike after a long day in work and eating dinner so late I just wanted to drop in my bed but the bike was calling.

A very light and lack luster performance on the cadence front!

Session Details
Duration 00 35 04
Distance 10.27
Max HR 135 BPM
Average HR 112 BPM
Max Cadence 78 RPM
Average Cadence 88 RPM
31/10/12 - Rest Day

01/11/12 - Turbo Session

Typical that may battery has passed away on my cadence monitor on my Garmin so I'm just training via the heart rate this evening. I had to make an effort for the 1st day of #Turbovember and clocked in a 45 minute session.

Its cold in the garage, but I thought if I work hard I'll soon warm up and the quicker I do the session the quicker I can get back into the warm house.

A simple session, peddle fast for 45 minutes in a high to middle gear, find that rhythm and stay there for the duration.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 00
Distance 15 Miles
Max HR 127 BPM
Average HR 113 BPM

02/11/12 - Turbo Session

After a long day in the office and a belly full of dinner this was the last place I wanted to be. After starting the journey so positive yesterday, this was such a different situation.

I was only up for the minimum possible session 30 minutes and off to bed before I fall off the turbo. Low gear, low cadence, low miles.

At least the cadence was consistently low..

Session Details
Duration 00 35 01
Distance 9.46
Max HR 119 BPM
Average HR 107 BPM
Max Cadence 74 RPM
Average Cadence 82 RPM

03/11/12 - Turbo Session

Big session today, after the yesterday weak attempt of a turbo session, I was in it for the long haul today, 90 minutes was required.

04/11/12 - Turbo Session

Another big session today!

Week 43 Totals
Cycling - 77.29 Miles
Running - 0  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters 

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  1. Oh, I've got the perfect site for your Turbo sessions! I compiled some of my favorite Ironman/triathlon videos on one page and it is my turbo session heaven.


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