Monday, 29 October 2012

Week 42 - Routine Required

22/10/12 - Rest Day

23/10/12 - Rest Day

24/10/12 - Rest Day

25/10/12 - Rest Day

26/10/12 - Free Run

I'm a day behind on the recovery run, after the weekend half marathon. I had sore hip flexes which I think are down to my lacking core stability, so the aim of this session was just to get out, do a quick run and get home. It was chilly too, so winter running is definitely here!

This is the 2nd time I've been out in the dark in Lamphey and I happy to say it wasnt as scary as the first time and my mind didnt play to many tricks on me. A few russels on leaves did make me up my pace but apart from that all good. I'm sure there may have been a few heart rate spikes as I jumped a few times but I couldn't find my HR monitor so I can just I was man enough not to be scared!

This above photo looks like I was out in extreme cold condition.. well I was.. at least 8'c or am I robbing a bank... I'm not quite sure.

Session Details
Duration 00 33.53
Distance 4.45 Miles
Calories 634
Average Pace 7.32
Best Pace 5.55

 27/10/12 - Turbo Session

I've managed to create some space in the garage and dig the turbo out just in time for #Turbovember so why not get a session in after doing all that clearing. It was cold in the garage to start so I did have a few layers on but by the time I was finished, I was down to the minimum amount of clothing and it was soaked through, so a sign of a hard session perhaps?

Simple session of:

10 minutes warm up
2 minutes at 100 RPM x 10
2 minutes at 80 RPM x 10
10 minutes warm down

Well this was the plan but the session more looked like a 90 at maximum RPM but at least I was trying to get there.

It was really good to get on the turbo again, but I doubt I'll be saying that after November as my arse is already hurting so I need to dig out the padded shorts.

Session Details
Duration 00 40 02
Distance 10.46 Miles
Calories 607
Average Speed 15.7 MPH
Average HR 132 BPM
Max HR 163 BPM

28/10/12 - Turbo Session

Why not get out on the turbo again tonight, I hear you say... well guess what I did and it was really good. I know when has the turbo been "Really Good", the only bad part it that after only 1 session I'm a tad bit tender on the under carriage. Time to man up and get on with the session.

Another simple session of:

10 minutes warm up
25 minutes at high RPM (80+)
5 minutes warm down

The longer the session went on the harder I found myself working, this was increasing the amount of sweat running off my face and the speed of my heart rate. Another thing I noticed that more items of clothing were coming off the harder I was working, I hope I wasn't turning to into a turbo stripper, as if my next session is longer that 60 minutes I'll have no clothes on!

Week 42 Totals
Cycling - 22.77 Miles
Running - 4.45  Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters 

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