Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 41 - Recovery Week

08/10/12 - Rest Day

09/10/12 - Rest Day

10/10/12 - Rest Day

11/10/12 - Swim Session

Its been ages since I've done a training session in the pool, so I was looking forward to it. As we were away I managed to find a pool close to the outlaws house which was pretty easy to get to and it was clean!

The session was a late one 9pm till 10pm, so I was going to be up all night after the workout so late as I'm not a fan of training after 8pm as it takes so long for my body to shut down.

It was the first session from the internal combustion of the off road race on the weekend, I was now back walking properly so I was ready to get back out training. 

I decided to keep the session simple and do a basic pyramid, it was a tough one but I really enjoyed and definitely felt it in the shoulders. Once we have sorted out our house move I'll be looking to joint the sports centre with a pool

The pyramid was:

100, 200, 300, 400, 400, 300, 200, 100 = 2000 meters

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000m

12/10/12 - Rest Day

13/10/12 - Rest Day

14/10/12 - Free Run (Lamphey Loop x2)

This is probably going to be my last run before the half marathon next week as I dont think I have that much time spare at the moment since the move and I'm still sorting out stuff from our house. It will also give my legs a chance to recover from any tiredness they may have since the endurance life race, because they were really hurting since that race.

Back to night run, It was going to be the first dark run, and it was a chance to try out my new head torch and it was raining so visibility wasn't he best. It was pitch black, no street lights down here so it did get a little bit scary in places where the trees moved like people and the odd horse would make his presence know by sticking his head over a gate which scared me as I wasn't expecting it, Its normally chavs I see on my old routes.

The head torch was definitely a success and I'll be using it going forward, I just need a new had and some more lights for my jacket and I'll look like an Xmas tree on the move.

Roll on the next half marathon!

Session Details
Duration 00 55 48
Distance 7.27 Miles
Calories 1037
Average Pace 7.37
Best Pace 5.54
Average HR 166 BPM
Max HR  205 BPM

Week 41 Totals
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 7.27  Miles
Swimming - 2000 Meters 

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