Monday, 1 October 2012

Tuska Sprint Triathlon - Race Report

This was a no support group (wife & son) race as the team were left in a bed as it was another early start, I didn't get a chance to pre register the day before down to sorting out our new house purchase. I ate my breakfast, and sneaked out the house not to walk the sleeping household.

Another PB on this course was on today as its the first time I've competed at Tuska, I've only heard good things about it so I was really looking forward to racing. I was praying for a calm sea, as this was a sea swim race and Porthcawl is known for is swell and surf! GULP!

I managed to park up with no problems and now I could concentrate on registration and transition setup. This time I remembered all my kit, no going around last minute asking for "can I borrow or have you got a spare" my race had all my concentration. I was relatively quick setting up my station and I even had time to chat to a few of the Celtic Tri racers and a last minute toilet stop.

Wetsuit on, zipped up and made my way down to sea front, we were told that everyone would enter the water at the same time apart from the old men (Vets) we would get a 5 minute lead, even this made me work harder as I knew a few old men who can quite easily chase me down and beat me over the finish line, so I need to work hard on my swim to keep my lead. It was a deep water start, HOOONNNKKK and were off.

The swim was a triangle shape, and I really found it hard to get out/across to the first boy, I couldn't find a rhythm, I was swallowing water which was making me retch with was distracting. Its not like it was a rough swim, it was very flat, but as soon as I managed to turn on the first boy I upped my pace and kicked on with a great rhythm, I dont know why it took my so long about 350 meters to long, I had some mad man in front of me too, swaying from side to side so sighting was a little issue so I kicked on and passed him for the final 400 meters. I swan right into the swim exit, and before I put my feet on the ground, I made sure there was enough blood flow in my legs so they didn't turn to jelly, I know it was only 750 meters but better to be safe. Up and out and into transition, I got my suit off quick and got out on the bike in a quick(ish) time out of transition in 01.39 so that quick for me and I even put socks on to.

I have to be honest I didn't complete that much research on the 22km bike route, I knew where it went but I didn't take much notice of the elevation, so it was going to be a little bit of a surprise to me, but I just had to man up and get through it. The weather was holding out to, as we were expecting showers, I decided to race with arm sleeves to keep the chill out, and I'm glad I wore them under the wetsuit as there now a part of my race day wear. Thanks again CompressportUK. I managed to chase a few people down from my slowish swim start, but I could feel the old people chasing me down, and I was worried about it. I got in from the bike and feeling fresh in the legs, but aerobically I felt tired the bike had taken it out of me slightly. I felt full on energy since changing my diet and eating habits, so this has definitely changed how I perform on the triathlon area, I just hope the result start coming.

Out on the run, a quick high 5 to the Celtic Tri supports and who do I hear breathing down my neck one of my club chums and older person than me who started in the later wave storm pace me (Steve) with a swift hello he was gone, and he was looking strong. I was never going to catch him so I dug deep and gave it my all, it was a scenic run across the Porthcawl sea front out and back, I wanted a negative split so i made sure I left enought in my legs to finish strong. Thats just what I did, one of the other races chalenged me with a 100 meters sprint finish.

Guess who won..

I really enjoyed this race, but I know I can do better, I can work harder on my swim starts and harder on the bike. I knew I gave everything on the run and I had some satisfaction with that and I know I beat my other club league competators, so its all down to the last race of the season.

Roll on NVT...

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