Monday, 27 August 2012

Week 34 - Keep Going

20/08/12 - Rest Day

21/08/12 - Free Run

I wanted to make this run get harder to the end of the run to see how man legs cope with the late intensity late on the run. The session was a tempo run and was split into the following sets:

1 miles at 10 minute mile pace
1 mile at 9 minute mile pace
1 mile at 8 minute mile pace
3 miles at 7 minute mile pace

The longer my session went the harder i worked and my heart rate got higher, the idea of the session. I really enjoyed it and its a session I'll deintely do more of in the future.

Session Details
Duration 00 50 01
Distance 6.05 Miles
Average HR 153 BPM
Max HR 182 BPM
22/08/12 - Spin Session

I've been doing the same pyramid (Audiofuel) ride harder 1 and its great, I seem to be working that little bit harder in each session, so I'm really enjoying it and I know its powering my legs, I just hope it keeps my legs in shape over the winter and the start of marathon season.

The session follows a standard Pyramid just like this.

Warm Up
1 min HARD
2 min HARD
3 min HARD
4 min HARD
5 min HARD
4 min HARD
3 min HARD
2 min HARD
1 min HARD
Warm Down

My heart rate is a lot lower than the last time but I know i worked harder, does this mean I'm getting fitter? I hope it is.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 00
Distance 15 Miles
Average HR 139 BPM
Max HR 168 BPM

23/08/12 - Core Workout

Its been a while since I've worked on my core and I really enjoyed the set. It was a tough one and I'm sure I'll still be hurting till the weekend. I need to incorporate this more often in the my training to it will aid my running over the winter months.

The set was:

4 x 30 Gym Ball sits ups (You and lying on your back, knees bent on calfs resting on the ball and while doing sit ups your core is clenched tight and the ball is squeezed against your bottom with your legs)

2 x 30 Side Dips (with 7kg dumbbell) (Stand up straight arms down your sides and slowly lower the weight in line with you knee, only going in a sideways motion using your hips)

2 x 15 Wood Chops (with 5kg weight) (Stand up straight and slowly raise the weight over your shoulder and back past your hip in a swinging motion, like you are cutting a tree down with an axe)

4 x 25 In / Out Sit Ups (with 5kg weight) (Standard sit up and raise a 5kg weight out on the way up and back in on the way down)

4 x 25 Side Twist (with 5kg weight) (Sit up legs off the floor and twist the weight from left to right and keep legs and weight raised off the floor)

10 x Gym Ball Roll Out Press Up (Press up position and balance your arms on the gym ball. roll out and back in, in a controlled manor

10 x Gym Ball Roll In Press Up (Press up position and balance your legs on the gym ball. roll out and back in, in a controlled manor - Opposite to the above)

3 x 30sec Plank  (Feet on the vibration plates and hold in plank position for 30 seconds)

3 x 10 V Sits (Legs raised like a V shape and tough toes to create the V)

24/08/12 - Rest Day

25/08/12 - Off Road Run

After entering the Eundurance Life Pembrokeshire last night I though it would be nice to mix up my run and do an off road run. I have forgot how much I enjoyed running off road, the bad things my shoes have rubbed my feet so its time for a new pair.

Its a 2.5 mile road run to the forest, so its mixture of terrain, and it also that means its a 2.5 mile run home. Its been pretty wet in Wales the past couple of weeks so I was expecting a muddy one. I roughly knew the route I wanted to go and if I got lost I knew if I followed the river it would get me to the other side of the forest so I just turn and come back.

I knew this wasn't going to be fast, I just wanted to get my legs used to the different foot fall, so I wasn't bother about pace, speed I just wanted to get it in the bank.

Session Details
Duration 01 21 05
Distance 8.55 Miles
Calories 1233
Average HR 164 BPM
Max HR 181 BPM
Average Pace 9.19
Best Pace 4.24

26/08/12 - Rest Day

Week 34 Totals
Cycling - 15 Miles
Running -  14.60 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters 

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