Monday, 11 June 2012

Week 22 - Bad Week

28/05/12 - Rest Day

29/05/12 - Bike / Run (Time Trial, Glynn Neath, Swansea)

This is was the first time trial event I've done with the club and I really enjoyed it. I was one of the slowest males, so I was luck enough to be set of 10th after the very quick ladies in front of me. Even though I don't have a TT bike, I tried to get in the best position possible and give my legs a great workout, down on the aero bars and go flat out in the same gear for the full 23 minutes.

Well that was the idea, I tested my bike before I left and I had only gone and got a flat from the weekends ride, as I rushed to get the club session, I left all my tools at home, this included spare inner tubes too, so my night didn't start the best. I had no idea how to change the rear tire so I suppose it was a blessing in disguise that I did it at a club session. I was helped to change the tyre and when I came to inflate the tyre I only went and snapped the valve off so I had to take everything off again and start again, so I was covered in dust and oil, and not ready to race. I also didn't get time to put on my Garmin for the stats so that will have to wait till next week.

Session Details
Duration 00 38 08
Distance 14.40 miles

30/05/12 - Rest Day

31/05/12 - Rest Day

01/06/12 - Rest Day

02/06/12 - Free Ride, (New Forest, Southampton)

An early start to beat the bank holiday traffic, my legs felt great as I had 3 days off previous to this session, which I feel quite guilty about. That is 2 swims and a run that I've missed this week. I do feel guilty but I do now that it will effect me on race day, but fingers crossed not to much.

I remember this ride from the previous time, and I really enjoyed it, I started to run out of energy on the previous session with 5 miles to go so I'm keen to get that issue sorted out before race day, and I'm happy to say in this session I had it sorted, I was fuelled up and feeling great all the 50 miles.

I felt great, fitter in the legs on the climbs and faster on the flats, I've worked hard on the bike, and I'm starting to notice the hard work.I hope I can take this momentum onto the half Ironman.

Quicker time, lower HR, higher cadence than last time, Progression is shown in the stats as well as the "feeling" you get when your training.I'm in a good place on the bike I feel, far better than I was last year.

I managed a top speed of 43 MPH which I preprepared for, I knew where the down hill was so I knew when to get into the large ring on the bike and give it some well on the last mile to, so I know my legs are able to give it all till the end.

It was a flat ride, but I wanted to get the miles in the legs that's exactly what this route does, I reckon it was down to eh new helmet I was 13 minutes quicker... Honest!

Last time I did this route (HERE)

Session Details
Duration 03 00 20
Distance 50.70 miles
Calories 3276
Average HR 130 BPM
Max HR 167 BPM
Average Speed 16.9 MPH
Max Speed 43.3 MPH
Average Cadence 73 RPM
Max Cadence 128 RPM

03/06/12 - Rest Day

Week 22 Totals
Cycling - 63.20 Miles
Running - 1.9 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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