Saturday, 16 June 2012

Week 23 - From Bad To Worse

04/06/12 - Brick Session (Southampton, Hampshire)

My last brick session before Cotswolds as I start to taper for the event, the session felt great and a true test for race day, minus the swim.

My legs felt great at the end of the session, I could have kept going but I had a street party to attend.

Session Details
Duration 02 56 00
Distance 38.64 Miles
05/06/12 - Rest Day

06/06/12 - Free Run (Neath, Swansea)

Triathlon Club Run - Warm Up & Session

Session Details

Duration 00 45 49
Distance 5.76 Miles

07/06/12 - Rest Day

08/06/12 - Illness

09/06/12 - Injured - Sliced the top of my finger off trying to sort out my mountain bike break disk out. I wont be training for a couple of days, hope it heals up a bit for Ironman.

10/06/12 - Injured

Week 23 Totals
Cycling - 30.74 Miles
Running - 13.61 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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