Thursday, 31 May 2012

Week 21 - Heat Wave Training

21/05/12 - Rest Day

22/05/12 - Rest Day

23/05/12 - Open Water Swim (North Dock, Llanelli)

What a lovely evening to do some open water swimming, the sun was shining and the water was.. well... warmish. I was reliable told its the warmest it had been all year, so I was happy to get in and get some meters in. I've been testing out some goggles, so tonight was a mask pair, you probably cant see them from the photo above, but I'm the head with the orange swim hat on the right.

This was a great session, to get me back into the open water scene, 50 meter warm up, then then sprint 20 strokes, 10 recover, then sprint 30 strokes and 10 recovery. To finish we did zig-zag sprints, about 100 meter sprints with 30 seconds recoveries.

My arms were really heavy after this session, but its a good pain!

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000m

24/05/12 - Free Run (Llansamlet, Swansea)

Its hot out there and I'm wearing black, no the best choice of colours for a long run. I have to do an hour session so I'll be looking for the shade for a break. I decided to run an old route, and then top it up with a few laps of the surrounding lake, to make up the hour. I did the 5 mile route in a time of 39 minutes, which is great, anything below the 40 minute mark and I was happy. I then continued with more full laps of the lake, which only got hotter as the shade disappeared.

I have been trying out bits of kit for my race season, different socks, different gels and today was the day for the visor, I haven't run with one before and I found it pretty good, different to a cap as the top of your head can get some cooling, and it soaked up most of the sweat, I used a CEP compression one, I know there are better brands out there to try, like "Headsweats" but before I spend y hard earned cash on an expensive cap its best to try it out first. I was pleasant surprised and I think this could be and investment for the race season. I was really please with the session, especially how hot it was, I still managed an average minute mile pace under 8, and I havent been working on speed recently, its all been about endurance ready for the Cotswolds 113.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 22
Distance 7.54 Miles
Average HR 161 BPM
Max HR 173 BPM
Average Pace 7.54
Best Pace 5.00
Calories 1089

25/05/12 - Spin Session (Gym)

This was a standard spin session, 10 minutes in, 10 minutes out, and finished with a 15 out the saddle for the line. I know this is going to help me with my climbing.

Session Details
Duration 01 15 00
Distance 25 Miles
Average HR 101 BPM
Max HR 131 BPM

26/05/12 - Free Ride (Black Mountain, South Wales)

A 05:00 wake up and off out on the bike for a tough cycle, I needed to get out and get home before the sun got to high and I burned to a crisp. I was being taken out on a new route with one of my Ironman mates so I was keen to stick with him all the way, but he just blew me away on the up hills and as we climbed the black mount he found himself waiting at the summit for some time before I got to him.

The highest point in the session was 1500 ft climb and that is where I got blown away by my Ironman mate, even though this was 3000 ft of climbing it felt far easier than the tour of Pembrokeshire, that was 6000 ft. I'm definitely beginning to get my legs used to biking and I'm in far better shape for the bike splits than ever before that part of my race let me down last year, i just hope I've done enough for this season. I have a Club time trial next week so I can gauge how quick I'm going and if its in the right direction. Maximum speed was only 36 MPH, but I didn't know the roads so I did hold back on the down hills, but next time I know where I can open up and smash some speed in. My average speed was up from my last long ride, its gone up a massive 2 MPH, its not much but I suppose its a step in the right direction.

Session Details
Duration 04 26 00
Distance 61.37 Miles
Average Speed 14.0 MPH
Max Speed 36.5 MPH
Average HR 140 BPM
Max HR 170 BPM
Average Cadence 72 RPM
Max Cadence 113 RPM

27/05/12 - Hill Run (Morriston, Swansea)

The last session of the week and it was a tough one, I wanted to do an easy flat run, but this did not happen, I ended up with a hilly hard run. I waited till late in the day for the sun to set before I went out, and it was still humid and hot! When I say hill session, I don't mean 500ft climbs, but this session was laps of the park and its just shy of 90 ft climbs

This run, got easier, I found the first lap the hardest for some reason, I needed to make sure I was out for the hour which was great as I did a long ride on Saturday and my legs were tired, but it shows I'm gaining strength in my legs.

I also needed to clock in over 6 miles as I've completed 100 miles in the week which I'm happy about as I don't often hit 100.

Session Details
Duration 01 01 34
Distance 6.68 Miles
Average Pace 9.10
Best Pace 5.35
Average HR 149 BPM
Max HR 1659 BPM

Week 21 Totals
Cycling - 86.37 Miles
Running - 14.22 Miles
Swimming - 2000 Meters

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