Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week 20 - I Need Some Motivation

14/05/12 - Rest Day

15/05/12 - Rest Day

16/05/12 - Brick Session (National Pool of Wales & Swansea Sea Front)

After have 2 days off this week already, I had no drive to get out for this session, but when I did finally get the Speedo Jammers on I was really keen to get into it. I decided to hit the 50 meter pool and complete a 4 x 500m set (2000 meters) and get a 60 minute run under my belt. The weather was lovely and I was keen to make the most of it.

I was lucky enough to have a lane to myself and so it was a interrupted set and and a quick change into some running gear I was out the door and on the sea front listening to my ipod picturing myself running the last 7 miles of the Ironman race.

I felt good, really good and could have quite happily kept on going on the run!

Session Details
Duration 01 40 00
Distance Swim (2000m) Run (7 Miles)

17/05/12 - Cycling (Spin Bike)

I was still feeling it a bit from last nights brick and the alarm clock went off far to early, but no pain no gain and I know how good I feel after training so I had that to look forward to for the rest of the day. Same session as the norm 10 mins T3 in the saddle, 10 mins out the saddle in T4/T5.

Session Details
Duration 01 40 00
Distance 33 Miles

18/05/12 - Free Run (Manobier, Pembrokeshire)

This was a cold, wet, misty run from the start to finish, I don't mind running in the rain, so it didn't bother me, I haven't run this route for some time, and after looking through my Garmin records, I was 23 seconds slower than the last one (Sept 11). I haven't been trying out my racers for the last couple of runs and I must say they have been brilliant. If anyone is after a new pair of trainers definitely look at Newtons.

There were some hill in this run which I remember being a lot harder to get up, but my legs seem to find the climbing a lot easier, I know this is down to the amount I have been training, but I was all compression sport geared up, so I know this helped with the muscle fatigue and kept me going harder for longer. I've got a run scheduled for tomorrow too so I hope this positive momentum keeps taking me forward. I forgot my Garmin for the training weekend so I don't have any stats for the weekends workouts, but it was good to train to how I felt and not on the watch. I did use an SIS gel on the 45 minute marker but it didn't do anything, so I'll stick with the normal GU gels I use.

The only bad thing about this run was that my lovely new yellow racers are now a grey-ish yellow now.

Session Details
Duration 01 24 00
Distance 10 Miles

19/05/12 - Free Run (Pembroke/Carew, Pembrokeshire)

Its amazing how quick the conditions can change in 24 hours, today's run was completed in lovely sunny skies, not breeze and no shade from the sun. I managed to plot a new route, one I had done in the car, but never on foot. I now know why I did it in the car, it was a slow incline all the way till the last mile, which was a sharp downhill.

It was lovely to be running in the country side, a completely urban free run, it took me back to the time I ran the Pembrokeshire half marathon, just with less hills! I managed to clock in 8 minute mile pace for the whole session, even though most of it was uphill and I did a long run the day before so I am getting some great base training on tired legs, ready for the half Iron in June.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 7.5 Miles

20/05/12 - Rest Day

Week 20 Totals
Cycling - 33 Miles
Running - 24.5 Miles
Swimming - 2000 Meters

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