Monday, 7 May 2012

Week 18 - Half Way There & I Get A Cold

30/04/12 - Rest Day

01/05/12 - Cycling (Spin Bike)

After 2 days off it was hard to get back onto the saddle today, but If I want to get over that finish line I've got to keep on going, as as this week is the half way point I'm nearly there.

I made sure I has plenty of water and supplies, last time I did 2 hours on the spin bike, I flagged at the 1 hour 40 mark. I was loaded up with 2 bottles and a energy gel to make me last the duration of the ride, and keep riding hard till the last second.

The session was 10 minutes standing (T4/T5) and 20 minutes recovery (T2/T3) which is a great session, I have been trying my best to get into T5, as previous session I have only managed T4, so the resistance has been cranked right up and the work rate has also gone up too. The last time I did this session my maximum heart rate was 147 BPM, but this session was 181 BPM, a massive 36 BPM difference.

Session Details
Duration 02 00 00
Distance 40 Miles
Max HR181 BPM
Average HR 125 BPM

02/05/12 - Swimming (Penlan Pool, Swansea)

Today's swim session was a endurance session of 2000 meters (4 x 500 meters), there wasn't a swim session in the plan last week so this week I have to back to back sessions.

Session Details
Duration 0 45 00
Distance 2000 Meters

03/05/12 -  No Training - Illness

04/05/12 - No Training - Illness

05/05/12 - No Training - Illness

06/05/12 - Brick Session (Cycling 1 Running 2)

After having 3 days off down to sore throat and blocked nose (I put this down to the pool) it was great to get back in training. I decided to come back in gently and cut the planned session in half. 60 minutes on the bike with a 30 minute run. I thought I even try out my new Newton racing trainers and they really comfortable, I'll be using them again for my 5 km time trial on Tuesday evening.

Today's session was 10 minutes in the saddle 10 minutes out at T4/T4 work rate with a high resistance, which was great and then a 30 minute high intensity run on the treadmill.

I was lucky enough to have the gym to myself so I had control of all 3 TV's, rugby on 2 of them and music blasting out the other so it helped me get in the zone with the music and watching the rugby to distract the intensity pain. I normally do this session for 2 hours (10 min in/out the saddle) so it was a breeze doing hour, I could have kept on going, but as it was my first session back I took it easy no the duration, but kept the work rate high. I maxed my heart rate out at 167 BPM which is average for me, but a little higher than normal but I think this was down to the cold.

I wanted to give it everything when I got off the bike, so I cranked the treadmill up to 7 minute mile pace and went flat out for 8 minutes, I had no wobble in the legs, no issues at all it was a great transition from the bike. after the first 8 minutes I sat back and put it to 9 minute mile pace and then repeated to 7 till the end of the 30 minutes, and fished with a sprint to get to the 6km marker. The run session averaged out at 8 minute mile pace and I maxed my heart rate at 185 BPM. Just on the edge of T5. I plan to push past the T5 zone on Tuesday for the 5km time trial. Wish me luck!

Session Details
Duration 01 30 00
Distance 23.73 Miles
Max HR167 BPM (Bike)

Average HR 133 BPM (Bike)

Max HR185 BPM (Run)
Average HR 162 BPM (Run)

Week 18 Totals
Cycling - 60 Miles
Running -  3.73 Miles
Swimming - 2000 Meters


  1. Wow your yraining is really intense now. Hope youve seen the back of that cold. Great gym sessions x

  2. Thanks Lena, but this is nothing on you!


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