Friday, 4 May 2012

GU Energy Gel - Review

The lovely people at GU sent me some samples of the delicious energy gels to try out, and I must say they tasted lovely and definitely do the job. When I first read the flavours I was slightly concerned that they may be hard to swallow and digest but they are far from it.


The flavours I tested were:
  1. Tri Berry
  2. Lemon Sublime
  3. Jet Blackberry
  4. Strawberry Banana
  5. Vanilla Bean
  6. Chocolate Outrage
These don't sound like your average sports gels flavours, but I can confirm they definitely work on all levels, flavourings and taste, easy of use and most importantly instant energy. My favourite flavour of the test was the chocolate one, it was brilliant, it went down so easy, no need for water for help swallow, it was brilliant to change the favouring on your palette from the sport drink you have been using all session. Also another benefit of the chocolate flavour was that it has caffeine in it so this also gave me that additional boost to kick on during my training session.  The gel strategy I use is, If I'm out for longer than 60 minutes then I need a gel every 45 minutes to maintain the same high work rate. 

The GU Gel is very easy to carry on your runs, its one of the smallest packets on the market so I could quite easily fit 3 gels in my rear pocket on my shorts, so this was enough fuel to keep me energised for long training sessions, either running or on the bike. I found them easy to get into, no messing about with the tops, rip is straight off and easy to squeeze out unlike others on the market, even on the bike they were easy to use and no messing, so the hands stay clean and no sticky mess.

Even though it comes in a small packet its packed with 100 calories, and 20 mg of caffeine (Chocolate, Vanilla, Tri Berry only) sodium and potassium, (to replace lost electrolytes) simple carbohydrates and digestible sugars, so it is packed with the right stuff to keep you going to the end of your work out.

At the end of the day its down to personal preference with what is good for you or not but I would definitely recommend GU gels to any athlete looking for additional energy from a gel whist racing or training, these have been the best tasting gels I have used and I will continue using them as part of my race plans.

You can purchase the GU Energy Gels from HERE

Thanks Charlotte.

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