Monday, 30 April 2012

Week 17 - The Next Level

23/04/12 - Free Run (Treadmill)

When I first saw the training plan back 6 weeks ago, I was dreading this week, I knew it was going to be a hard one, and the first session of the week was a long run. I do miss running, as I used to do a lot in last years training schedule but I need to work on other areas in my triathlon training so the running had to be cut. As this was going to be a hard week I didn't want to kill myself on the first session of the week even though I managed 9.5 miles in 90 minutes on the treadmill. I wish I could go outside and run but I've only got the time to get into the gym and then back to work.

Free run was on the cards today, I started the session at 9.5 min mile pace and when I loosed off about 3 miles I upped the speed to 8 minute mile pace. I managed to keep the heart rate relatively low, again the HR monitor has had a spike which I think is down to the machinery, as my heart rate hasn't seen 223 for years so I doubt this is right very much. My heart rate averaged out at 151 beats per minute, which is a nice T3/T4 session.

Now the sessions are getting longer I need to take on more fluids ans I ran out on mile 7, so I ran the last 2.5 miles with a dry mouth, it was pretty hot in the gym so I was sweating lots, next long run I do in the gym I'm taking 2 bottles with me.

Session Details
Duration 01 30 00
Distance 9.5 Miles
Average HR 151 BPM
Max HR 223 BPM

24/04/12 - Cycling (Spin Bike)

Session Details
Duration 02 00 00
Distance 40 Miles
Average HR 120 BPM
Max HR 172 BPM

25/04/12 - Rest Day

26/04/12 - Rest Day

27/04/12 - Cycling (Tenby Loop, Pembrokeshire)

A late evening ride was on the cards for me, it was a bit windy, but at least it wasn't raining. I was scheduled a 2 hour ride, but I ran out of time, so I had to head back home before my sons bed time.

It was a relatively flat ride, and no massive climbs and I joined some of the route for the Ironman Wales bike course, I hope one day I can race on this route in IM Wales,

This route started with a strong head wind and it effected my average speed, but I decided to try out my new Aquacell drinks system, and I must say I wasn't very pleased. I filled up the bottle, 2 chambers one with water and one with USN fuel and I think most of the water ended up all over me, I wasn't luck enough to be riding on perfect tarmac roads, all the bumps and dips helped in soaking me right through, this in turn made me cold. I'll be giving it another try with the net lids to see if its any better, otherwise its going on eBay.

I did work hard on the hills, its something I've been working on in the gym and on the spin bike, I want to try and keep the momentum going up hill, as that's where last year I saw other athletes leave me behind. It has been my worse area so I've put a lot of time into the bike this winter, I'm preparation for this triathlon season. This rid I got to a maximum heart rate of 177 BPM and averaged out at 145 BPM, the spikes are for the up hills obviously.

I did some of this route for the Go Tri race in Tenby last season, and I remember the hills, I remember the burn, but this time, it didn't hurt as much, so I must be progressing somewhere. At the start of the ride the cadence line seems to remain "sort of" straight, but as the ride gets long, I can see myself working hard, and this was because of the drop of head wind. I didn't go flat out on this ride as I've got another planned for tomorrow, a harder ride, but I still clocked in a maximum speed of 39 MPH.

Session Details
Duration 01 27 37
Distance 23.21 Miles
Average Cadence 81
Max Cadence 142
Average HR 145 BPM
Max HR 177 BPM
Average Speed 15.9 MPH
Max Speed 39.7 MPH

28/04/12 - Cycling (Freshwater West & Angle Loop, Pembrokeshire)

I got up early, as this was going to be the long ride, and when I drew back the curtain I was very happy to see it not raining, so I layered up and got out on the road. After being out for 30 minutes the heavens decided to open, and out came the rain jacket. I am definitely a fair weather cyclist, that's why I bought a  turbo trainer, but I suppose if my half Iron race is going to be completed in the rain I may as well train in it.

I decided to complete some more of the Ironman Wales route, this time hitting the coastal areas of Freshwater West and Angle. There are some great hills to get the legs working, but there is also some cracking down hills so you can get a great land speed record, even though you have to close your eyes going downhill due to the spray. I forgot my buff and my Oakley's.. Not great planning!

The climbs did make me work harder than yesterdays ride, as my heart rate hit 185 BPM in places, but the average was 133 BPM, I reckon this was also down to the cold, as I slowly started losing the sensation in my hands and feet.

Considering the weather I managed to get a top speed of 37.3 MPH, I did chicken out a few times and used the brakes, my no fear attitude to down hills is great I just hope that I don't take a tumbles soon and shatter that confidence as this is where I can gain a place or two in races. My average speed for the ride is quite low, down at 13.6 MPH, but I think this is down to the weather.. I hope it is down to the weather!

Session Details
Duration 02 05 57
Distance 28.44 Miles
Average Cadence 74
Max Cadence 185
Average HR 133 BPM
Max HR 185 BPM
Average Speed 13.6 MPH
Max Speed 37.3 MPH

29/04/12 - Rest Day

Week 17 Totals
Cycling - 91.65 Miles
Running -  9.50 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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