Monday, 23 April 2012

Week 16 - Water Week

16/04/12 - Interval Run Session (Treadmill)

Back training with a new drive, after a recovery week last week I was keen to smash my first session back and make it a hard one. By hard one I mean get into T5 for some parts of the session. This session was all about how my legs and lungs can cope with the change of intensity in the session of 75 minutes.

It went really well the session was a mixture of 2 intervals for the 75 minutes.

5 minutes T3
15 minutes T5

It definitely broke up the treadmill session, and made it that little less boring, I know I should be outside in the light now, but I think all this training indoors is making me soft.. so much for wanting to be an Ironman.

Session Details
Duration 01 15 00
Distance 8.13 Miles
Average HR 157 BPM
Max HR 172 BPM

17/04/12 - Rest Day

18/04/12 -  Swim Session (Penlan Pool, Swansea)

Its been a while since my last swim session on the training plan so I was keen to get in the pool, and it was a longer session that the norm, only an extra 500 meters but I felt that 500 meters in the arms by the end of the session. There are normally 3 empty lanes when I turn up a the pool, but today it was rammed. All 3 lanes were full with about 4 swimmers in each so I had to go in the non lane section. I didn't really mind this as I could swim up and down the line on the bottom of the pool and practise "NOT" crossing my arms under me with each stroke. I swam 1500 meters on the line until there was space for me in a lane, so I completed the final 1000 meters (500m with fins and 500 pool buoy) so I could work on my arm technique without worrying about my legs and remembering to kick.

1500m freestyle, 500m fins, 500m pool buoy = 2500 meters

My next 2 sessions are swims so it will be early starts for me again I just hope its quieter than today.

Session Details
Duration 01 05 00
Distance 2500 meters

19/04/12 - Rest Day

20/04/12 - Swim Session (Penlan Pool, Swansea)

How different the pool was on this session to Wednesdays workout, a lane, a half pool to myself. The swimming club had the other side of the pool so I got a gob full of water every other length as the masses swam furiously up and down.

This session was lighter than the other day, 500m meters lighter, today's session was:

100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m = 2000 meters

Session Details
Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2000 meters

21/04/12 - Swim Session (Penlan Pool, Swansea)

Last swim session of the week, and the shortest too. I've really enjoyed swimming all week, even though its been early starts and cold showers.

Simple session of 4 x 400 meters (2 sets with fins, 2 without)

I was lucky enough to have a lane to myself again for this session, so I could concentrate on my arms not crossing under my body, and I think I'm starting to et a breakthrough, as I have noticed that my arms are starting to listen to my brain and keep wider so I can get a better action and less resistance in the water.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 00
Distance 1600 meters

22/04/12 - Cycling (Turbo Trainer)

Today's session was meant to be a 2 hour bike ride, but as time was so limited it ended up only being an hour turbo session. It was a quality hour but my plan says 2 hours, it should effect me to much and I'm sure I'll over train one week before I race the half Ironman (Cotswolds 113).

I can normally hit the 20 mile marker on the spin bike for an hour so I was keen to get that distance in for this session, anything over it and I would be happy.

 My heart rate stayed pretty low for this session, but it was sweating buckets in the lounge, I think it was down to a combination of my wife having the heating on and me working hard to get over the 20 mile marker. My heart rate maxed at 134 BPM and averaged out at 116BPM. My Cadence line managed to keep relatively straightish, well close together no massive spikes and no massive dips, I suppose this shows I worked the same intensity throughout the whole session.

I know I only did an hour but my legs felt great at the end of the session, I could of carried on and I even did a little practise of taking my shoes off while still riding, I'm not sure that's going to work come the tri season, as I nearly fell off and the bike was clipped into the turbo trainer.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 21.25 Miles
Average Cadence 82 RPM
Max Cadence 97 RPM
Average HR 116 BPM
Max HR 134 BPM
Average Speed 21.2 MPH
Max Speed 26.1 MPH

Week 16 Totals
Cycling - 21.25 Miles
Running -  8.13 Miles
Swimming - 6100 Meters

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