Monday, 16 April 2012

Week 15 - Regeneration Week

09/04/12 - Rest Day

10/04/12 - Free Run (Treadmill)

A simple 75 minute run in T3/T4, my legs felt great after a few days off since the long ride on Saturday. The pace for the session was only at 08.57 minute mile pace, which is a bit slow, I know I can do 7 minute mile pace for a half marathon but should I be training harder and be working in T5 most of my sessions, the joys of training in T3/T4 is that I'm not to tired to train the following day. I'm trying to follow my plan to the letter, so fingers crossed come race day I'm in perfect shape and get the best time possible.

I tried my hardest to keep in the T3 zone for the run, but for the last 10 minutes, I went off piste and pushed myself and tipped into T4. It was a good feeling knowing I've got power left in the tank after an hours run, just hope the power is there after 50 minutes of swimming and 3 hours of biking.

Session Details
Duration 01 15 00
Distance 8.35 Miles
Max HR 177 BPM
Average HR 155 BPM

11/04/12 - Interval Cycling (Spin Bike)

1 hour of interval cycling, 10 minutes standing out the saddle, 10 minutes recovery peddling in the saddle. This is a great quick workout that gets the heart rate high and the sweat running down your face.

As its recovery week, I made sure I stayed in T3 for the session, so I started low and kept the heart rate within the boundary of 147 beat per minute, but I hit this on the last interval out of the saddle, my heart rate averaged out at a very low 113 beats per minute. I'm glad this is a recovery week as that average heart rate is so low, I would class this session as a work out.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 8.35 Miles
Max HR147 BPM
Average HR 113 BPM

12/04/12 - Free Ride (Spin Bike)

The same set as yesterday, 10 miuntes on, 10 minutes off, just as hard just as sweaty. If anything was different to yesterdays session, it was a took it slightly easier, as I felt a little fatigued. I feel more tired this week, and its been a recovery week, than I did when I did 8 hours last week. How strange!

Its been Fawlty Towers week on the iPod for training, and people must thing I'm mad at the gym, as I'm out the saddle, with a high cadence laughing to myself at Basil and Manuel.

Session Details
Duration 01 03 00
Distance 20.00 Miles
Max HR135
Average HR 111

13/04/12 - Rest Day

14/04/12 - Rest Day

15/04/12 - Rest Day

Week 15 Totals
Cycling - 40 Miles
Running -  8.35 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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