Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week 12 - The Start Is Here & Im Ready

19/03/12 - Swimming (Penlan Leisure Centre)

First session of my training plan and I'm in the pool, I feel great and cant wait to get started. Simple set of 1600 meters, and I broke it down in 400's. I completed two sets with fins and two with out. I was lucky enough to have a lane to myself so my first training session was an uninterrupted one.

Session Details
4 x 400 meters = 1600 meters

20/03/12 - Interval Run Session (Treadmill)

This was a interval session run, with a mixture of 6 minute mile pace, and a recovery pace of 10 minute mile pace. This was hard going on the treadmill as you never get a break from a constant pace, when your out running on the road you can choose to slow down but the treadmill doesn't give that option otherwise you'll end up taking a tumble and have the whole gym having a chuckle at your expense.

Session Details
Duration 00 40 00
Distance 5 Miles

21/03/12 - Rest Day

22/03/12 - Swimming (Penlan Leisure Centre)

I know people pay the same £4 to swim in the pool with you, but people really need to learn pool etiquette, being rude will not help you swim faster. Still completing introduction sets of 1600 meters, today was 8 x 200 meters, and I found this quite hard to get any sort of rhythm, very much like running, but it gave me more time to concentrate on my breathing and arms, as I'm still crossing over my arms when I get tired in the stroke.

Session Details
8 x 200 meters = 1600 meters

23/03/12 - Tempo Run (Swansea Sea Front)

A lovely Friday evening run in the sun, what else can you ask for?

It wasn't to hot and the breeze kept you cool, ideal for a high distance, low intensity run. If only every run could be like this. I made sure I kept an even and steady pace, which averaged out at 8 minute miles.

I knew I could work harder and that is great to know. I was well off my race pace and even at the end my legs felt great, I could even get a cheeky little sprint in to cross the 4 lanes of heavy traffic.

Session Details
Duration 01 3442
Distance 11.85 Miles
Average Pace 08:00
Best Pace 06:35

24/04/12 - Cycling (Llanelli Loop)

This was the first test on my body in the 70.3 training plan, after a long run yesterday, I was out on the bike early for a 2 hour cycle and it went really well apart from the following:

  1. Bee flew in Helmet
  2. Snapped spoke front Wheel
  3. Bus knocked clipped my handle bars and pushed me into the hedge
The bee, well thankfully he didn't sting me, but it anyone was watching me twitch my head while trying to unclip my feet and pull over I'm sure it would look like I was having a fit. Happy to say the bee survives and so did I.

The snapped spoke, this happened on the way home, the final 15 miles, I was temped to call my wife to come and get me, but I don't think that would have gone down well so I chanced it and carried on. I've got that sorted now and my wallet is £16 lighter!

The bus, he didn't see me, I saw him,I didn't hurt myself nor did the bus damage the bike, I was too busy concentrating on my fall I didn't get the bus number to complain. The following car stopped to see if I was OK, which was lovely of them, dam you pesky bus drivers watch where your going!

Apart from the above it was a good and simple ride, it was a relatively flat ride and with a climb at the end so it kept my legs working till the end, I was tired by the finish and happy that tomorrow is a rest day.

Roll on next week Ironman.. I'm ready!

Session Details
Duration 02 14 17
Distance 31.16 Miles
Average Cadence 78
Max Cadence113

25/04/12 - Rest Day

Week 12 Totals
Cycling - 31.16 Miles
Running -  16.85 Miles
Swimming - 3200 Meters

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