Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Balance 573 Off Road Trail Trainers - Review


Thanks to Tom at S&X Media for the pair New Balance 573 off road trainers. This has been my first pair of off road shoes and all I can say is how surprised how light, comfortable, and water proof these trainers have been. When I think of off road shoes, my first thoughts are bulky, heavy, dull, boring, Wellington boot like.. these New Balance 573 are far from it.. they are an amazing off road pair of shoes.

I have used the trainers in cross country and off road half marathon races and they have performed on all levels, to a great standard. My feet stayed dry for the whole race, and I ran through some streams, bogs and ditches and the trainers repelled the mud and water and any surface water left on the shoe soon dispersed. The grip on the shoe is brilliant, I had plenty of traction throughout the race and even in the deep mud, and excess mud on the sole very quickly came off so I could climb hills with ease.

The trainers looks great, the yellow and grey detail stands out and the design of the shoe is very modern and stylish. The trainer stands out from the crowd. Although looking good is important, the most important factor is size and fitting and these New Balance 573 off road trainers fitted like a dream, I had wore the trainers a good seven or eight times before I raced and I had no blisters, no rubbing inside the shoe and no pressure points how every running shoe should be. The trainers stay tight, no slackness once I laced the trainers, which stopped any moving of my feet inside the trainers, another comfort plus. They are really easy to clean and a quick scrub with a brush and then stuff them with newspaper and the following morning they are ready to use again.

New Balance have created an excellent off road trainer in the New Balance 573 off road trainer, they are not too expensive compared to other trainers on the market and they looks and feel great on your feet. They will cope with anything you throw at them from simple cross country training to full on hardcore off road challenges. Look no further than this pair from New Balance.

You can purchase the trainers from HERE

Thanks S&M Media.

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