Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Compressport Arm Sleeves - Review

The lovely people at CompressportUK  have sent me a pair of arm sleeves to try out and and review. Compressport keep on produced top quality products for all athletes and a must for the training essentials to keep you warm this triathlon season.

As soon as you take them out of the box you can see how good the quality of these are, they are made with the athletes needs in mind. They are well fitted (They come in a number of sizes just like there other products) and are really easy to get in to. As soon as you have them on you can feel the 360 degree compression all the way from the grey band at the top of your arm, all the way to the wrist.

I always worry about over heating while training, so I have tried to put on as less layers as possible, so when I got the arm sleeves I was worried that I was going to sweat more, this meaning that I'd have to take on more liquid for my training. This is NOT the case with these, the thermo technology that goes into the arm sleeves is brilliant, it draws away the sweat from your arms and as I train in the UK you don't feel the moisture in the arms so the wind chill on your skin. On the flip side, they are are packed with UV protection up to UPF 30, so if the sun shines in the Wales, I'm sorted.

The arm sleeves wash really well, they do not smell after hard sessions, they still look like a brand new pair after a hard two months of half Ironman training. They are loaded (just like the other CS products) with anti bacterial agents to stop, germs or bad smells, as I find you need to be comfortable in your gear while training. I have worn them for long rides and run sessions under jackets and just on there own and they have kept me cool throughout the sessions. When I have started to heat up they are really easy to roll down and take off, even while wearing my Garmin watch.

The arm sleeves can be used pre, during and post session, they help aid recovery as each movement triggers the micro massage session in your arms which feels great. The compression that you feel all around your arms delays muscle fatigue as less vibration is past through your joints while your moving. You really do need to try these out. Compared to other arm sleeves on the market these are years ahead, no irritation, no bad smells, aid recovery, this goes with all compressport's gear... No other product compares.

I have been using the arm sleeves for well over two months now and I can honestly say they are a excellent bit of kit. If your thinking about getting arm sleeves then definitely think about getting a pair of these. You can get them from HERE

Thanks again Tim

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