Thursday, 29 March 2012

Week 13 - More, More, More 70.3 Training

26/03/12 - Swim Session (Penlan Pool)

Week 2 of the training plan is here and it started with a pool swim, and extra 400 meters than last Mondays session. I decided to do a 100 meter climbing session, and totalled at 2000 meters. I was lucky enough to have a pool to myself again and I only swam one 400 with fins on today so, my arms and legs are starting to gain base layer strength. I've been doing these sessions first thing in the morning, so it would be good to compare how I feel when I do these sessions in the afternoon after work.

100, 200, 300, 400, 400, 300, 200, 100 meters = 2000 meters 

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000 Meters

27/03/12 - Rest Day

28/03/12 - Brick Session (Turbo & Treadmill)

Nice to get a brick session in, it been a while since I did one so it was great to gage how my legs can cope with the transition and it went.... Good, no wobbles, no heavy legs, it felt great!

1 hour Bike 25 Miles
45 min Run 5.5 Miles

Session Details
Duration 01 45 00
Distance 30.50 Miles

29/03/12 - Swim Session (Penlan Pool)

Another early morning session, and the pool was surprisingly busy, I didn't have my own lane so I was very disappointed. But as soon as I got in 2 people got out so the lane was back down to 2 people, so I had my own side again. Today I was definitely tired on my first three 200 hundreds, I noticed my arms crossing on the under stroke. I did loose focus on my breathing when trying to focus on my arms, as I'm trying to get back to breathing every forth stroke.

5 x 200 Meters
2 x 500 Meters

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000 Meters

30/03/12 - Free Run (Treadmill)

Long run day, and an early start for me at the gym, a cold empty gym with me and the TV, so I put my program into the treadmill and off I went. The gym has the light sensors so it felt like I was running in the dark as all the lights switched off apart from the one above the treadmill, I felt like I was under the spotlight.

Session Details
Duration 01 30 00
Distance 10 Miles

31/03/12 - Rest Day

01/04/12 - Cycling (Turbo)

Playing a single parent at the moment as my wife is away with work in France, so the 2 hours scheduled bike ride turned into a 45 minute turbo session. I didn't mind cutting it short as I was feeling a little bit drained and I also had to make time to cut the lawn. I made sure I worked hard and kept the cadence high for 2 minutes off and 2 minutes off. High Cadence was 120 RPM and low cadence was 90 RPM so the whole session was relatively high, just a like an old spin session I used to do with some of the club members.

As the sun was shining I was lucky enough to do the turbo session in the back garden on the patio, so I could work on my tan. I know I've skipped some of the distance on this session so I need to make up for it next bike sessions and add in 15 minutes each time.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 00
Distance 13 Miles 

Week 13 Totals
Cycling - 38 Miles
Running -   15.5 Miles
Swimming - 4000 Meters

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week 12 - The Start Is Here & Im Ready

19/03/12 - Swimming (Penlan Leisure Centre)

First session of my training plan and I'm in the pool, I feel great and cant wait to get started. Simple set of 1600 meters, and I broke it down in 400's. I completed two sets with fins and two with out. I was lucky enough to have a lane to myself so my first training session was an uninterrupted one.

Session Details
4 x 400 meters = 1600 meters

20/03/12 - Interval Run Session (Treadmill)

This was a interval session run, with a mixture of 6 minute mile pace, and a recovery pace of 10 minute mile pace. This was hard going on the treadmill as you never get a break from a constant pace, when your out running on the road you can choose to slow down but the treadmill doesn't give that option otherwise you'll end up taking a tumble and have the whole gym having a chuckle at your expense.

Session Details
Duration 00 40 00
Distance 5 Miles

21/03/12 - Rest Day

22/03/12 - Swimming (Penlan Leisure Centre)

I know people pay the same £4 to swim in the pool with you, but people really need to learn pool etiquette, being rude will not help you swim faster. Still completing introduction sets of 1600 meters, today was 8 x 200 meters, and I found this quite hard to get any sort of rhythm, very much like running, but it gave me more time to concentrate on my breathing and arms, as I'm still crossing over my arms when I get tired in the stroke.

Session Details
8 x 200 meters = 1600 meters

23/03/12 - Tempo Run (Swansea Sea Front)

A lovely Friday evening run in the sun, what else can you ask for?

It wasn't to hot and the breeze kept you cool, ideal for a high distance, low intensity run. If only every run could be like this. I made sure I kept an even and steady pace, which averaged out at 8 minute miles.

I knew I could work harder and that is great to know. I was well off my race pace and even at the end my legs felt great, I could even get a cheeky little sprint in to cross the 4 lanes of heavy traffic.

Session Details
Duration 01 3442
Distance 11.85 Miles
Average Pace 08:00
Best Pace 06:35

24/04/12 - Cycling (Llanelli Loop)

This was the first test on my body in the 70.3 training plan, after a long run yesterday, I was out on the bike early for a 2 hour cycle and it went really well apart from the following:

  1. Bee flew in Helmet
  2. Snapped spoke front Wheel
  3. Bus knocked clipped my handle bars and pushed me into the hedge
The bee, well thankfully he didn't sting me, but it anyone was watching me twitch my head while trying to unclip my feet and pull over I'm sure it would look like I was having a fit. Happy to say the bee survives and so did I.

The snapped spoke, this happened on the way home, the final 15 miles, I was temped to call my wife to come and get me, but I don't think that would have gone down well so I chanced it and carried on. I've got that sorted now and my wallet is £16 lighter!

The bus, he didn't see me, I saw him,I didn't hurt myself nor did the bus damage the bike, I was too busy concentrating on my fall I didn't get the bus number to complain. The following car stopped to see if I was OK, which was lovely of them, dam you pesky bus drivers watch where your going!

Apart from the above it was a good and simple ride, it was a relatively flat ride and with a climb at the end so it kept my legs working till the end, I was tired by the finish and happy that tomorrow is a rest day.

Roll on next week Ironman.. I'm ready!

Session Details
Duration 02 14 17
Distance 31.16 Miles
Average Cadence 78
Max Cadence113

25/04/12 - Rest Day

Week 12 Totals
Cycling - 31.16 Miles
Running -  16.85 Miles
Swimming - 3200 Meters

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week 11 - The Final Slacking Week

12/03/12 - Rest Day

13/03/12 - Bike Session (Turbo)

Simple turbo session, in the gym, as this is the last week of "slacking" I thought I'd give the bike an over 1 hour sessions to see how the legs get on for the 2 hour sessions planed next week. I forgot my Garmin so I've got no statistics but I felt good after the session.

Session Details
Duration 01 15 00
Distance 25 Miles

14/03/12 - Run Session (Treadmill)

Another testers session for me here, most of the first weeks are sessions of 75 minutes plus, I know I can run for that distance,  and more on top but this is day after day activity. I felt good and strong, and I kept my work rate high, and kept in the T3 zone.

Session Details
Duration 01 15 00
Distance 7 Miles

15/03/12 - Swim Session (Penlan Pool)

Its finally arrived, the first swim session of the season. I know I've left it a quite a while for a swim session but I was really keen to get back into the pool and I really enjoyed it. I can definitely see my stroke still needs some work and my breathing needs to switch back to every for 4 strokes, but this will come with the more I swim.

It was a simple and quick session:

4 x 400m = 1600m

I was lucky enough to have a lane to myself, so it was interrupted swimming which was brilliant, as I could go at the pace I wanted to and wasn't held up or rushed. I split the 4 sets into freestyle, pull buoy, fins and finished with another set of freestyle

Session Details
Duration 00 50 00
Distance 1600 Meters

16/03/12 - Rest Day

17/03/12 - Interval Session (Lamphey, Pembrokeshire)

I needed to complete a short sharp session, so I decided to complete an interval session, its one of Chrissie Wellington ones composed by Audiofuel. Its a tough one. 40 minutes at 1875- to 185 beats per minute and then finish with 4 sprints with recovery. My lungs were burning after this session, Its a great one, but a killer!

I would have been great to have my heart rate monitor on to see how hard I was working as it felt tough, I managed to complete an old route I used to do in a pretty fast pace, and they included the recoveries, probably at 10 min mile pace, but the hard pace efforts were completed at XXX.

The session was:

5 mins WARM UP
2 mins HARD
60 secs Recovery
3 mins HARD
60 secs Recovery
4 mins HARD
90 secs Recovery
5 mins HARD
90 secs Recovery
4 mins HARD
90 secs Recovery
3 mins HARD
60 secs Recovery
2 mins HARD
60 secs Recovery
30 sec SPRINT
30 sec Recovery
30 sec SPRINT
30 sec Recovery
30 sec SPRINT
30 sec Recovery
30 sec SPRINT
30 sec Recovery
5 mins WARM DOWN

Session Details
Duration 00 40 00
Distance 5.06 Miles

18/03/12 - Rest Day

Week 11 Totals
Cycling - 25 Miles
Running -   12.06 Miles
Swimming - 1600 Meters

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 10 - Practise 70.3 Training Week... Sort Of?

05/03/12 - Rest Day

06/03/12 - Cycling (Spin Bike)

So this is what Ironman training feels like, well I cant say I'm surprised but it is definitely a new pain barrier that I haven't met before. This first session was to spend 2 hours in the saddle, and its been a while since last season and that was the last time I spend that time in the saddle. The session was a T3 ride with 5 x 10 intervals on T5 peddling.

I found it really hard getting into T5 for the 10 minute bursts, I think the highest I managed to get was T4.1, so when I come to do this session next time I know I have to work harder. My legs weren't hurting to much after the session, which can only be a good thing, but come the end of the week we'll see how I feel. I also need to concentrate on my recovery strategy, which includes refuelling, stretching and resting after the sessions.

Session Details
Duration 02 00 00
Distance 40 Miles

07/03/12 - Running (Treadmill)

I decided to complete the hour and a half run on the treadmill, I know that sounds boring but I'm quite happy doing it, as long as I can get a rhythm. The TV does enough to distract me so I don't feel the pain. I did my warm up and then started the session,

I wanted to set the treadmill for a zone T3 run and 8.20 minute mile pace. I managed to do this after the button got stuck on the speed setting on the treadmill, and in stead of just stepping on the sides I went with it, hence the heart rate spike at the start of the run, and it took me a few minutes to get the treadmill back down to the correct setup and speed.

As my 70.3 plan is around the corner, I want to make sure my legs are ready for the duration of most of the run sessions and it coped fine at T3, and as the training plan progresses the duration stays the same but the intensity gets hard up to T4.5 to T5. T3 is great as my heart rate averaged out at 146 beats per minute which is pretty low for a run for me but that's what the T3 marker is there for.

Session Details
Duration 01 30 01
Distance 10.75 Miles
Average Pace 8.20 Min Mile
Max HR 188 BPM
Average HR 146 BPM

08/03/12 - Rest Day

09/03/12 - Cycling (New Forest, Hampshire)

What  great day for a cycle, it was dry, but a chill in the air so you couldn't stop as you'd get cold, the sun made the odd appearance, but apart from that it was a fine day. I was at the in laws all weekend so I plotted a bike route as I don't know the area to well and I wanted to get a long bike ride in so I decided to do a loop of the new forest. The roads weren't too busy, so it was a great light traffic ride. I took 2 bottles of fluid, 1 water with a Zero tablet in it and a 1 of Lucozade sport. This was not enough, after 2 and a half hours I was empty, no drink, no food, I had money so I could have stopped by a carried on to get home.

It was a relatively flat ride which is good news, but I have been working hard on my cycling, so I didn't mind a climb or two. I did start to feel a tightness in my legs at the 2 hour marker, which forced me to get out the saddle to stretch out my legs, which destroyed my cadence tracking, and the Garmin told me on a number of times that I needed to peddle faster when I was free wheeling and stretching out.

I decided to use my GU gels in a structured manor, first gel at 60 minutes, then a gel every 45 minutes after and it seemed to work, I did run out but I think this strategy worked for me, I wasn't feeling the low energy levels, only from working hard on the bike, but if I plan to stay out longer on the bike I will need more gels going forward.

Over the 3 hours I was out on the bike I maxed my heart rate at 169 beats per minute which is high on the bike for me, and even the average was high for me at 141. I was tired that night so I had worked hard, and I was in need of a good meal and a good sleep. I managed a top speed of 41 MPH, watch out land speed record, this is possibly the fastest I've ever been on my bike!.

Session Details
Duration 03 13 51
Distance 50.76 miles
Calories 3153
Average HR 141 BPM
Max HR 169 BPM
Average Speed 15.7 MPH
Max Speed 41.5 MPH
Average Cadence 81 RPM
Max Cadence 127 RPM

10/03/12 - Rest Day

11/03/12 - Rest Day

Week 10 Totals
Cycling - 90.76 Miles
Running -  10.75 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

Monday, 5 March 2012

Week 9 - Last Easy Week

27/02/12 - Old Route New PB Run

Its was great to get outside and get a run in, I know it was only 5 miles but it was still nice to get off the treadmill and get some fresh air in my lungs, even though it was raining.

I was keen to complete this 5 mile loop in under 40 minutes as I knew when I first started training 2 years ago I would aim to do this loop in 40 minutes and I never quite go there. I since moved offices and now I hardly get a chance to run it. This meant I had to consistently delivery under 8 minute miles, something I haven't done since my break at Christmas. I knew I was capable of doing it I just had to prove to myself that I am getting fitter.

I managed to complete the loop in 37 minutes, 3 minutes quick than my planned time which was great, I felt good and it was definitely one of those days that everything felt good and you could concentrate on your time rather than niggles here and there. By the end of the 5 miles, I was tired and I think I could only keep that pace up for another 1.5 miles so that's a projected 10km time of 45 minutes.

I did work hard in this session, and I was really surprised to see my average heart rate so low, I maxed out at 182 BPM, but averaged out at only 166 BPM, which is great to see that my training it keeping my heart rate low and this aids my endurance to go harder for longer.

Session Details
Duration 00 37 56
Distance 5.01 Miles
Average Pace 7.34 Min Mile
Max HR 182 BPM
Average HR 166 BPM

28/02/12 - Brick Session

Nice to change the session and get a brick in, I haven't done one for a while since the end of last season in fact, and I was surprised how good my legs felt getting off the spin bike and onto the treadmill.

The session was an hour in total broken down to 40 minutes bike, 20 minutes run, I forgot to bring my Garmin down to the gym so I don't know the heart rate statics, but it was a good session and good to get a multi sport session in. I normally get 15 miles in 45 minutes, but I pushed myself to get to the 15 mile mark in 40 minutes, so I knew my legs would be very heavy, I climbed out the saddle for the last 5 minutes on the bike and then I went straight to the treadmill, and put it on 8 minute mile pace for 20 minutes. A great hour session and I'll definitely have more planing in the half Ironman plan.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance  17.5 Miles

29/02/12 - Core Workout

I completed the same set as last week as I was limited on time, its a good set to get a sweat on and enough to make you a little tender in the morning. I need to make sure I include core fitness in my 70.3 plan as the plan I'm following doesn't have a lot in it from what I can see.

Session Details

2 Reps

30 x knee to elbow sit up
10 x 1 leg press up (Each Site)
2 x 30 sit twists with raised legs
2 x 30 standing side dips
25 x V sit ups
30 sec side plank (each side)

01/03/12 - Free Run

A simple run today, 8 minute mile set on the treadmill and try and keep within T3-T5 training zones. I had the joys of Countdown & Deal or No Deal to distract me on the run today at the gym. I even came up with a few 7 word's while running, so I wasn't working hard enough to stop my brain from functioning, at the start anyway. During the session the heart rate line did progress, but that is natural when keeping the same pace through the whole session.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 00
Distance 7.50 Miles
Average Pace 8.00 Min Mile
Max HR 185 BPM
Average HR 160 BPM

02/03/12 - Spin Session

It was a quick turbo session today as I only had 45 minutes to complete the session,  I made sure I kept my heart rate high and kept the speed high. The session averaged out at 20 MPH for the full 45 minutes, and my heart rate maxed out at 140 BPM. The session involved 3 high work rate 10 minute intervals which increased my heart rate on each session. This was very much like a Fartlek session and one I am keen to get involved in my half Ironman plan in the next couple of weeks.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 00
Distance 15 Miles (estimated)

03/03/12 - Rest Day

04/03/12 - Rest Day

Week 9 Totals
Cycling - 30 Miles
Running -  15.01 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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