Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Week 6 - Progress What Progress

06/02/12 - 5KM Time Trial 

The last time trial is completed was 2 months ago, outside with the tri club. This time I had to complete the session inside on the treadmill.  I new my fitness will have taken some backward movement due the amount of time I have had off since my son was born, so I was expecting a slower time, not very positive I know. I started with a 0.5km warm up and then straight into the time trial.

I managed to clock in a respectable time of 00 21 27, slower than last time but only by 6 seconds. I was really happy that im not that far behind on my time, I know its different on the treadmill but it shows my fitness is coming back. I will do another TT next month to measure my progress then.

I have compare the HR to this TT and the one I did in December and im happy to say there isn't that much difference in heart rates, but I suppose its down to how quick I can recover.

06/02/12 - MAX HR 190 BPM

01/12/11 -MAX HR 188 BPM

Session Details
Duration 00 28 48
Distance 3.71 Miles
Average Pace 6.54 Min Mile
Max HR 190 BPM
Average HR 170 BPM

07/02/12 - Spin Session

I'm staring to like this spin bike sessions, which can only be a bad thing as I'll end up wanting to do more and more of it. I wore the heart rate monitor for this session so I can see how hard im working.

This session isn't getting any easier, my lungs hurt just as much as when I first completed the session but I think the recovery is getting easier which is great. I dont feel heavy in the legs after the session any more so I can see me upping the intensity/duration soon to the 1 hour session.

The Pyramid was:

Warm Up
1 min HARD
2 min HARD
3 min HARD
4 min HARD
5 min HARD
4 min HARD
3 min HARD
2 min HARD
1 min HARD
Warm Down

Session Details
Duration 00 45 00
Distance 15 Miles (estimated)

08/02/12 - Core Workout

Great core session today with 2 new exercises that I haven't tried before and they hurt, a good hurt and I can feel my core strengthening in each session. It was good not to complete an intense aerobic training today apart from the 10 minute warm up on the cross trainer, so it can give my legs a break ready for tomorrows brick session.

Session Details

2 reps

10 x front ball roll press up
10 x 1 leg press up (each side)
2 x 30 standing side dips (each side)
1 x 20 wood chop (4kg Medicine Ball - each side)
1 x 20 ball throw press up
1 x 20 ball throw press up with press up
30 sec side plank (each side on vibration plates)

09/02/12 - Free Run

I decided to do  40 minute free run on the treadmill. a nice simple session,but a hard working one. I wanted to maintain a high mile pace for the full duration. I decided to wear the heart rate monitor to see how hard im working and see if I can go harder, which I normally can.

I was keen to keep the speed under the 9 minute mile pace so I varied it between 7-9 min mile pace so I worked hard and keep in that training zone.

It was bloody hot in the gym and I left my ipod at home so there was to many distractions for this run, but I did enjoy it and next week I will push for the 60 minute run session.

Session Details
Duration 00 45 10
Distance 5.5 Miles
Average Pace 8.13
Max HR 185 BPM
Average HR 155 BPM

10/02/12 - Rugby Turbo Session

How else to spend an hour on the turbo trainer? Watching Wales 2005 grand slam win over France, this helps take away some of the pain of heavy legs. I kept the speed and cadence high on this session, its a great calorie burner and its great to get turn my legs over at a high intensity.

My average speed for the whole session was 20.8 MPH, I was on a low-ish resistant to keep the speed high, and I maxed out at 23.9 MPH.

I noticed that im not smoothly peddling which I think I should be as im not changing gear or resistance so I would expect the flat to be relatively flat, unless I was getting annoyed watching the rugby on the TV.

A low heart rate session for me, so I can work harder, my legs were tired after the hour but my lungs weren't burning like a spin bike session.

Session Details
Duration 01 00 05
Distance 20.84 Miles
Max HR 140 BPM
Average HR 121 BPM
Max Cadence 90 RPM
Average Cadence 79 RPM

11/02/12 - Rest Day

12/02/12 - Park Run

It was a day for dog walkers in the park today, there must have been about 20 people walking there dogs in the park.  All well behaved and all on leads (apart from two) and they all stayed out my way. I think they were scared of me to be honest with my red face and panting.

I'm definitely getting quicker on his run, which shows my fitness is coming back, I started the week with a time trial and I hadn't made any progress, but I feel its coming back.. slowly.. but its coming back

The first spike in the chart is the first hard working hill in the park, it work hard to get the legs pumping on this section, if I work hard here it sets the tone for the whole session and the rest of the hills in the park. As I said above, I've been doing this route for a while now and I've noticed progression, about 2 minutes infact. I have compared 2 runs 2 weeks apart below.

12/02/12 - Average Pace 8.45

28/01/12 - Average Pace 9.07

That 4th mile is where im getting my best time gains, but time is decreasing on all mile efforts. I will have to look for a new outside route soon so I can mix things up and change what my legs are getting used to.

Session Details
Duration 00 46 43
Distance 5.32 Miles
Max HR 188 BPM
Average HR 164 BPM

Week 6 Totals
Cycling - 35.89 Miles
Running -  14.82 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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