Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week 2 - Welcome Back

09/01/12 - No Training

10/01/12 - No Training

11/01/12 - No Training

12/01/12 - No Training

13/01/12 - No Training

14/01/12 - Slow Forest Running

The first day back in training has arrived and it was a very important one, it was my first toward my season target, my half Ironman race. Although it was a slow session it was great to get back out and strech the legs, air in my lung and feel the cold air on my face. I decided to complete an off road run, well its half and half, its 2.5 miles to the woods and then you have a choice of a short forest lap or a long lap, on this occasion I decided to do the smaller loop. I haven't done this loop before but the map at the woods entrance assured me it was there, and on this lap I could get to see the waterfall that I always could hear but never see on the long route.

I started off relatively quick on the first mile, mainly because it is down hill, but I lengthened my stride and blew away any cob webs that may have been on me as I had not trained for 3 weeks. After the first mile things got slower, over a minute slower on each mile.

I still managed to clock on just under 10 minute mile pace, alot of this run is up hill, and its hard to find a rhythm off road, so im happy with the progress I made. I did work hard and my heart rate averaged out at 168 BPM, and maxed at 181 BPM. The views on the run helped take some of the pain out my legs and lungs, but not all of them, its a good pain I know but I couldn't wait for this run to end. I was out for an hour and that was long enough. I have missed my training I hope I can get out again soon.

Session Details
Duration 01 03 21
Distance 6.43 Miles
Calories 878
Average Pace 9.46
Best Pace 5.51
Average HR 168 BPM
Max HR 191 BPM

15/01/12 - Rest Day

Week 2 Totals
Cycling - 0 Miles
Running - 6.42 Miles
Swimming - 0 Meters

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