Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter Intervals

Its cold, its wet, its windy, why am I out running in this... Because im stupid that's why. Anyone with any sense would be inside sat on the sofa eating mince pies.After last weeks time trial we were back to the interval training and we seem to have gone up a level in reps, this week it went up to 9 and less recovery time again.

9 x 3min 95% 90 sec 75% Recovery

I coped with the first 5 reps of 3 minutes, but then I started to tire, I kept my heart rate up but my my legs started to move slower, I think it was down to eh cold weather freezing my joints. I also didn't eat properly in the day and I only managed to get 2 bangles down my neck at lunch time and I bottle of lucozade before I left for the session so my energy level must have been lower.

It was a small group tonight due to the weather so I was out in front on my own, which I didn't mind but on each turn I had someone to chase down so it made me work that little bit harder on each max interval. I made sure I kept moving in the recovery, alot slower than the max sets but I made sure I kept jogging.

On each max interval I managed to completed 0.40 of a mile and over so just short of half a mile on each interval. I managed to get the furthest on rep 1 (0.45) and I took a dip after set 6 to just hitting 0.40 on each time.

On the last rest period I slowed right down to make sure I gave everything I had left on the max interval and I managed to get my heart rate down to around 140 beats per minute. I think I've only got 1 more Thursday session left this year as we are expecting our son on the 21st December and my training will go on hold for some time I expect and I dont mind at all.

Todays Session

Duration 00 55 22
Distance 6.02 Miles
Calories 808
Average HR 165 BPM
Max HR 185 BPM
Average Pace 7.31
Best Pace 5.47

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