Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pure and Simple Turbo Time

Stressful day in work and its cold outside can only mean one thing, lets de-stress with some training. I've been enjoying the turbo so why not give it another go. I didn't want to make a complex session so I decided to keep it simple and just ride and keep the RPM above 70.

I moved the wife upstairs, moved the coffee table and set up next to the Christmas tree. I looked for a movie on the Sky+ box and off I went. A bit of Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze kicking some butt!

At the start of the set, I tried to get out the saddle but I couldn't get the balance, so I decided to sit back down and concentrate on keeping my legs moving. The line was mainly flat with no peaks and dips which was the idea of the sessions.

Average speed was just under 14 MPH nothing to intense, but enough to make me sweat and tire out the legs.

I found a place to put the TV remote while on the bike to stop it getting wet from the sweat, I attached the tube bag that I put my race gels in so its out the way but close enough to change the TV channel, great work!

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 13.72 Miles
Calories 735
Average HR 114 BPM
Max HR 135 BPM
Average Speed 13.7 MPH
Max Speed 16.6 MPH
Average Cadence 70 RPM
Max Cadence 83 RPM

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