Sunday, 18 December 2011

Easy Hill Park Run

The sun was out, frost in the air but at least it wasn't raining so I took the chance to get outside and get some miles in my legs, I was even lucky enough to run with shades on.. I haven't run for over a week and boy did it feel like it. I waned to keep it an slow paced run but important to keep moving at a decent min mile pace. Its a hilly run so I wasnt going to get any land speed records anyway.

I managed to average out under 10 minute miles, but I just wanted to get out and turn the legs over, its out of season so I was just keen get a 5 mile effort in as its probably going to be my last run of 2011 as me and wife are due our baby on Wednesday.

I definitely noticed that I hadn't run for 10 days as my lungs were burning, and I couldn't get the air in them quick enough, but I think that was partly due to the cold and the amount of up hills on the run. I nearly slipped over twice due to the ice on the path, im glad no one saw my arms swinging trying to keep balance im sure I looked a right idiot.

It hasnt been a bad year for me with events and training, I plan to write up the years statistics later this year when I get time from playing a new daddy.

Todays Session

Duration 00 52 10
Distance 5.32 Miles
Calories 713
Average HR 168 BPM
Max HR 185 BPM
Average Pace 9.44
Best Pace 5.33

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