Sunday, 18 December 2011

Easy Hill Park Run

The sun was out, frost in the air but at least it wasn't raining so I took the chance to get outside and get some miles in my legs, I was even lucky enough to run with shades on.. I haven't run for over a week and boy did it feel like it. I waned to keep it an slow paced run but important to keep moving at a decent min mile pace. Its a hilly run so I wasnt going to get any land speed records anyway.

I managed to average out under 10 minute miles, but I just wanted to get out and turn the legs over, its out of season so I was just keen get a 5 mile effort in as its probably going to be my last run of 2011 as me and wife are due our baby on Wednesday.

I definitely noticed that I hadn't run for 10 days as my lungs were burning, and I couldn't get the air in them quick enough, but I think that was partly due to the cold and the amount of up hills on the run. I nearly slipped over twice due to the ice on the path, im glad no one saw my arms swinging trying to keep balance im sure I looked a right idiot.

It hasnt been a bad year for me with events and training, I plan to write up the years statistics later this year when I get time from playing a new daddy.

Todays Session

Duration 00 52 10
Distance 5.32 Miles
Calories 713
Average HR 168 BPM
Max HR 185 BPM
Average Pace 9.44
Best Pace 5.33

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pure and Simple Turbo Time

Stressful day in work and its cold outside can only mean one thing, lets de-stress with some training. I've been enjoying the turbo so why not give it another go. I didn't want to make a complex session so I decided to keep it simple and just ride and keep the RPM above 70.

I moved the wife upstairs, moved the coffee table and set up next to the Christmas tree. I looked for a movie on the Sky+ box and off I went. A bit of Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze kicking some butt!

At the start of the set, I tried to get out the saddle but I couldn't get the balance, so I decided to sit back down and concentrate on keeping my legs moving. The line was mainly flat with no peaks and dips which was the idea of the sessions.

Average speed was just under 14 MPH nothing to intense, but enough to make me sweat and tire out the legs.

I found a place to put the TV remote while on the bike to stop it getting wet from the sweat, I attached the tube bag that I put my race gels in so its out the way but close enough to change the TV channel, great work!

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 13.72 Miles
Calories 735
Average HR 114 BPM
Max HR 135 BPM
Average Speed 13.7 MPH
Max Speed 16.6 MPH
Average Cadence 70 RPM
Max Cadence 83 RPM

Sunday, 11 December 2011

An Hour In The Saddle

The rain is falling out side, its dark and cold, so that can only mean one thing for the bike session, get the turbo out and do some sweating.

I setup in the front room, next to the Christmas tree and presents, but more importantly in front of the TV with the rugby on and the Bose Ipod speaker on so I had something decent to watch on TV and some tunes to power me through the hour.

My cadence and speed Garmin system is still working so im happy to get the output in Garmin connect. I have put some insulation tape over them so they dont move, not sure how that is going to work in the tri race season.

After cycling for 20 minutes I noticed that my watch was in km and not miles, so I had no idea how far I had gone (in miles). I was pretty disappointed to finish up and only see that I had gone 15 miles. 

I really enjoyed the session and I didn't loose focus all the way through and I could of carried on, I think the next one could/should be one and a half hours. The last song of the session I wanted to give it some tempo and went flat out for the whole song. I upped the cadence and speed which in turn increased my heart rate for the last 10 minutes of the session.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 01
Distance 15.77 Miles
Calories 926
Average HR 134 BPM
Max HR 163 BPM
Average Speed 15.8 MPH
Max Speed 21.9 MPH
Average Cadence 82 RPM
Max Cadence 113 RPM

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter Intervals

Its cold, its wet, its windy, why am I out running in this... Because im stupid that's why. Anyone with any sense would be inside sat on the sofa eating mince pies.After last weeks time trial we were back to the interval training and we seem to have gone up a level in reps, this week it went up to 9 and less recovery time again.

9 x 3min 95% 90 sec 75% Recovery

I coped with the first 5 reps of 3 minutes, but then I started to tire, I kept my heart rate up but my my legs started to move slower, I think it was down to eh cold weather freezing my joints. I also didn't eat properly in the day and I only managed to get 2 bangles down my neck at lunch time and I bottle of lucozade before I left for the session so my energy level must have been lower.

It was a small group tonight due to the weather so I was out in front on my own, which I didn't mind but on each turn I had someone to chase down so it made me work that little bit harder on each max interval. I made sure I kept moving in the recovery, alot slower than the max sets but I made sure I kept jogging.

On each max interval I managed to completed 0.40 of a mile and over so just short of half a mile on each interval. I managed to get the furthest on rep 1 (0.45) and I took a dip after set 6 to just hitting 0.40 on each time.

On the last rest period I slowed right down to make sure I gave everything I had left on the max interval and I managed to get my heart rate down to around 140 beats per minute. I think I've only got 1 more Thursday session left this year as we are expecting our son on the 21st December and my training will go on hold for some time I expect and I dont mind at all.

Todays Session

Duration 00 55 22
Distance 6.02 Miles
Calories 808
Average HR 165 BPM
Max HR 185 BPM
Average Pace 7.31
Best Pace 5.47

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Compressport UK - Calf & Quad Compression Review


If you haven't purchased any compression gear this year, then look no further than Compressport UK, they are the only compression gear you need. Thank you Tim at Compressport for sending me some compression calf guards and some quad recovery to assist me with my sporting events most important the recovery of these races.

I have been given the ultra silicon (US) compression calf guards and I have used them for both racing and recovery. The US have little silicon beads just above the lower grey band to help with the stress repartition on the base of the leg (when running). You feel the compression 360 degrees around the calf, there are no panels of material that are stitched together so you don't feel and uncomfortable seem digging into your muscles while you train/race/recover. There isn't compression on the grey cuffs these are purely for comfort and they aren't to tight which stops the blood flowing to your foot which could make them swell and make it really uncomfortable for you.

When the calf compression guards are on they feel great and look great. The US are available in 2 colours black and white and I own a pair of each, 1 for recovery and 1 for races. I found them very comfortable and I could easy say I forgot I was wearing them, as some nights I have gone to bed wearing them and slept through the night. I also wear mine under my wetsuit when I'm racing in triathlon events, they are very quick drying and do not get in the way when in transition from wetsuit to bike, you have enough to think about so this is one less thing on your mind.

You can purchase all Compressport calf guards from HERE

My quad compression works very similar with the 360' degree compression and the grey comfort band, unlike compression shorts these simply cover the quad area, so after the race you don't get the problem of discomfort after drinking loads of water to rehydrate you self and squashing your bladder. They also aren't in the way with your tri suit, or shorts so there is no issue with seems or additional layers and over heating. There was only no chaffing from the items something that I have suffered with with previous compression products.

As the quad compression stretches far more than calf guards I am really surprised they have kept there shape for so long as still have. They are really easy to wash and do not smell even though I have trained alot in them. I have worm them under my wetsuit and used sports slick/body glide on by them and this has not effected the performance of the quad compression. They have stayed in place and not moved thanks to the grips inside the grey bands at the bottom and the white rubber at the top. I have also noticed that they dry very quickly under my wetsuit and this is also a great think to know as this will stop irritation on the bike in my races.

You can purchase all Compressport Quad compression from HERE

I have been using the Compressport gear for some weeks now and it still looks, feels and smells good as new, it has kept its shape and I'm very happy that it has as I have used previous compression gear and I've completed the same amount of training/racing in it and its only good for the bin now.

The sizing at Compressport couldn't be easier just follow the simple instruction here and away you go. I was a T2 in the calf and T3 in the quad - HERE

As I said at the start of this review, Compressport gear compares to no other compression product on the market, you can definitely feel the difference when using them and I have been very happy with the results with on the day performance as well as a quicker recovery time. I recently ran 2 half marathons and my legs have felt good throughout the race and my recovery times have shortened considerably since introducing Compressport into my sporting equipment.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Bridge of Pain

After yesterday core workout my gluts were hurting just walking to work so I was hoping for a simple run tonight at training.

But NO!

We ended up doing 1km efforts with a bridge recoveries, the bridge was about 50 steps over the road on the high rise bridge. Each side of the bridge it was about 0.5 km so it was a killer session and thankfully it was on 5 sets.

My Garmin battery was flat so I had to plot the run when I got home, the map is below, and as the last Monday night run we finished with a 2 mile run. No sloping off this week for some of the group we went in mass and I led us home. I think I should have worked hard on the 5 sets if I could lead the group.

The hat and gloves are out on each run now as the temperature is completely changed and dropped about 4'c degrees.

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 4.64 miles
Calories 582

Sunday, 4 December 2011

New Week New Core Set

A new month and new core work out, I really enjoyed working on my core last month so why not continue this month with a new workout.

2 Reps

40 side turns
3 x 30 sec plank
20 wood chop (Each side)
14 leg lunge (Each side)
3 x 30 sit up twist with ball

The thing that hurt the most was the lunges, and it hurt for 2 days after so I was grateful to sleep in my Quad compression from Compressport helped me recover that little bit quicker. I hope its an easy session at run club on Monday night.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

5km Time Trial

This was a tri club session and it was a5km time trial run to see how we are progressing for the cross country league over the winter.

Standard warm up and off we went to the time trial, I decided to sit at the front on my own and lead and after the first lap I didn't see anyone, I knew I had gone out a little to fast but its only 5km so I knew I could go out quick it was just to see how long I could hold on for. When I hit the half way marker I was overtaken by one of the group I saw him kick on and I tried my best to stay with him but he was just to strong and the gap grew to about 20 yards and it stayed at that. I could see the end and I could feel another runner breathing down my neck, I tried to push on but he stayed with me and pipped me to the finish line.

I clocked in a 00 21 21 5km time - I want to do under 00 20 00 so I've got a bit of work to do.

I really enjoyed the session and its good marker point so I measure were I am in a few weeks. I know my heart rate was high for the session but this is the ideal session to go hard and go hard for as long as possible.

Todays session

Duration 00 47 23
Distance 4.55 Miles
Calories 614
Average HR 182 BPM
Max HR 188 BPM
Average Pace 6.53
Best Pace 5.37

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