Saturday, 5 November 2011

Weekend Muddy Run

I as up early as we've got family down to stay for the weekend so the only way I was going to get a run was to get up early and sneak out.

As I was racing off road in a week I though it would be a good idea to test out my kit and see how I get on off road.

As im racing the Endurance Life half marathon at Gower (Swansea) I'm really looking forward giving this a race ago, im told its a completely different race to a road so watch this space.

I knew the location of the run but not a clue of the route I was going to take through the woods, I was told there was a path but I couldn't see one so I think I went a bit off the beaten track and by the state of my shoes and trousers you could definitely tell as im was filthy.

As it was an offroad run I found myself concentrating on my feet while running, when im running on the road I always look into distance at the furthest point and think its the finish line, but I was worried if I took my eye of my feet and where they were going to land I would end up taking a tumble. I managed to run through 2 streams without taking a tumble too.

This route gave me a decent mix of up hill and down hill runs ideal for the half marathon next week. I worked hard in this session and averaged my heart rate out at 155 which was great for an hour of running.

I used my new off road new balance trainers and I was really happy with them, I'm racing with them next week so lok out for my kit review soon.

Todays session

Duration 01 12 59
Distance 8.45 miles
Calories 1185
Average HR 155 BPM
Max HR 189 BPM
Average Pace 8.34
Best Pace 5.47

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