Monday, 7 November 2011

Running Late = Lonley Run

It seems that work has been affecting my training start times recently and tonight was a typical example to work stopping play. I normally meet the group at 18:15 sharp and I turned up at 18:20 and they had already gone. I decided to chase them down and when I got to the bottom of the road I had the choice of right of left... I went right and it was the wrong choice.

To top thing off I forgot my Garmin forerunner so I was not only running on my own but without a watch to pace me. I decided to see of the group had gone to one of our normal stopping points but there were nowhere to be seen, so I kept it simple and do 2 x 5km race pace runs. I knew the distances as I've run them many times down the Swansea sea front.

There were a few people out running on the sea front, it was pitch black so when I got home I dug out my running lights so people dont bump into me and I can be seen from runners on coming. I used the other runners as targets to chase them down and I managed to pass everyone I had my sights on and when I passed the 5km start finish line I was happy with the evenings session even though it was a lonely one.

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2 x 5kms

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