Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Core Workouts

Summer is nearly here and I've decided to get some core work in... well summer is only 9 months away but I dot work on my core enough. Its will help with my physique and help with my running so im told so why not give it a try and I need every need bit of help for next triathlon season.

For an introduction I decided to kick off with:

3 Reps session

3 x 20 sit ups
1 x 20 side sit ups (Each side)
2 x 20 reverse sit ups
10 Gym ball press ups
10 Gym ball knee roll ups

It takes me about 30/40 mins to complete and I got alot of the ideas from and there you tube channel. I really enjoy doing the floor work outs and that is an area I always liked at the gym, so I've got plenty of ideas on how to change the sets going forward.

I finish the session on the hardest set the knee roll ups with the gym ball... 10 is plenty for me now and it makes me sweat nearly as much as the turbo trainer.

Washboard stomach here I come!

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