Monday, 21 November 2011

1km Laps - Urrrgh!

I missed running with the elite group they really give me a good work out and I always work that little bit harder than I do on my own.

It was a simple set of 1km efforts - I managed to find myself in the top group and ended up doing 5 laps. The fast lot were only about 30 seconds in front of me so after having 2 weeks away from the group I hadn't slipped that far back. The dips so the recovery time between each 1km.

After the 5 laps we ended the session with a 2 mile warm down, but only 2 of us went for it, all the others went for a shower. I ended up being pulled along by the lad at the front, he was my pacer and I was grateful he was there to push me as if he wasn't there I would have gone for that early shower.

I missed this session with the group, hope I dont miss to many as I want to be in great condition for the next seasons races.

Todays Session

Duration 00 52 57
Distance 6.39 Miles
Calories 878
Average HR 166 BPM
Max HR 181 BPM
Average Pace 7.55
Best Pace 5.44

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